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Peace, Prosperity, and Cleaning Your Dirty Face

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at CU Boulder chapter.

I have been interested in skincare for years; ever since my mother introduced me to a proper routine, I have not stopped experimenting and finding what brings me joy. Recently, I got the opportunity to talk to licensed esthetician and Skin Boss Lexy McCoy, and I was in absolute awe of her bravery, dedication, and overall wonderfulness. 

Clean Your Dirty Face, often shortened by the acronym “CYDF,” was founded in 2015 by Shama Patel, who struggled with “self-solving” her skin problems. She found herself using at-home remedies like toothpaste on pimples and popping them with safety pins—both unsafe and unsuccessful. Patel wanted to help others who went through similar skin struggles and prevent the damage that so many at-home remedies cause. Thus, Clean Your Dirty Face was born. 

Lexy was kind enough to tell me about her career path and how she became an esthetician. CYDF prides itself on having educated and informative employees, and Lexy definitely fits the bill. Whilst maintaining her professional role, she opened up about her own journey with skin struggles, as well as her career pathway and how she began working at CYDF. Her stories intertwined here, with her skin struggles and simultaneous passion for skincare being that final push to leave her “typical office job” that she was unhappy with. Similar to founder and CEO Shama Patel, Lexy found herself in a career that she was not passionate about, having followed the “typical path” that she felt would keep her in a stable place. 

“I really just fell in love with it, and I’ve made some really good friends,” Lexy noted while recounting her time at esthetics school. 

Despite Lexy’s positivity and enthusiasm, being a Skin Boss isn’t easy work. While her favorite part of the job is connecting with her clients, she says that the hardest part about working at CYDF is seeing people’s frustrations. After giving a facial, every Skin Boss tells their client how to maintain their skincare routine in the coming weeks and between appointments. “There’s a limit to what I can do,” she says. Out of the chair, it’s up to the client to take care of their skin until their next appointment, and seeing the frustration—especially if they are new to a consistent routine—makes Lexy empathize deeply with them. Given how Lexy explained her history with skincare and how she struggled with acne and low confidence due to her skin, it is very evident that she wants the best for her clients. “Seeing their confidence skyrocket…” she said wistfully, was the best part about being a Skin Boss. 

During our conversation, we also discussed the current negativity towards skincare. On social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram, people have been hesitant to embrace a skincare routine, claiming that wanting to “look good” leads to a shallow lifestyle and mindset. The reasoning behind this current trend is the desire to embrace aging and to not fear getting wrinkles or sagging skin. Unfortunately, the determination and stubbornness of this trend has led to a flood of social media users denouncing skincare altogether. 

Lexy didn’t approve of this trend, reiterating the importance of caring for your skin. “I want to look my best for as long as possible,” she says, and if that means nourishing her skin and following a routine, she is determined to stick with it. Wanting to care for your skin is not equivalent to fearing aging. 

“Do what makes you happy,” Lexy says as we finish the interview. “I haven’t looked back since.” 

Book an appointment with Lexy (or another talented esthetician!) at Clean Your Dirty Face for an affordable yet relaxing spa day!

Phoebe Ham

CU Boulder '26

Phoebe Ham is a current contributing writer and editor on the executive team at Her Campus CU Boulder (HCCU). Though she writes about a variety of topics, she enjoys writing about speech-language pathology, linguistics, skincare, and pop culture. Outside of Her Campus, Phoebe is mainly focused on her studies, though she hopes to expand her writing career further in the near future. She is a current third-year undergraduate at CU, and she is majoring in SLHS (Speech, Language, and Hearing Science) and minoring in both Linguistics and Education. Prior to her college career, she won an award for an original short story, and that was where she discovered her love of writing and posting her creations online. For several years, she ran a blog dedicated to her writing, which ranged from poetry and book reviews to short stories and novellas. In her free time Phoebe enjoys reading Asian-American literature, crocheting, and spending time with her friends. Recently, she has been into novels by Haruki Murakami, Min Jin Lee, and Ling Ma. Additionally, she has been trying to incorporate more of her crocheted creations into her wardrobe for sustainability reasons, as well as vocalizing the importance of Asian representation in media through her art.