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Weed, lube, and sexy candles – what could be better? As I looked over the little box of goodies gifted to me by oOyes, I knew I was in for a treat. Their adorably packaged sexual treats lured me in as soon as I laid eyes upon them. Moody, funky, totally retro packaging paired with what looked to be good, if not at least fun to try, sexy products. I was hooked. 

What is oOYes?

Straight from oOYes’s website, because they truly say it best:

“On her path from Colostrum to Cannabis to Cum, oOYes founder Tanya Griffin has spent the last three decades following her dreams and doing what she loves. With a focus on woman and family health, her journey started in 1995 with her stores, Kangaroo Kids, where, as a lactation consultant, she helped families with breastfeeding and parenting needs. As her kids grew, her attention turned to plant based medicines and building cannabis companies.”

oOyes is a women founded brand and is “all about sharing the love with our happy, sex positive, cannagasmic formulations and experiences.” Many of their products infuse CBG or CBD into them for an added fun experience to your sexual explorations. 

They boast a crazy cool aesthetic of “Sex, Drugs, and Rock-n-Roll” and preach to the improtance of your relationship with yourself. 

Talk about a badass brand! Women founded, sex-positive, crazy cool, cannabis-infused sex products. Sign! Me! Up!

What is CBG?

You’ve likely heard of CBD, and CBG is another cannabinoid (read: any of a group of closely related compounds which include cannabinol and the active constituents of cannabis).

Her legal name is cannabigerol, and “it’s the precursor to THC, and one of the only cannabinoids that passes into the blood brain barrier.” 

It will not make you feel high, and is known for similar relaxing and anti-anxiety effects like CBD!

The good stuff

Start Me Up Lickable Glide:  I’d never actually tried flavored lube, and I thought it would be sticky and taste funny, so I had low expectations going into this, but this lube was so fun! It tastes just like orange blossoms, which was an unexpected and sexy flavor. 

I used this one on myself for some good old fashioned self-pleasure, as well as with a partner. It was so much fun to put onto their dick and then lick up. I’m big into teasing my partners, and this lube made it so easy because it actually tasted good, so I was enjoying licking it up and down (for penis oral sex tips, check out our in-depth article from earlier this year!)

As for using it just by myself, I liked it more than my usual astroglide. It has a good, non-sticky texture, and the pump packaging made it really easy to access more when in a bit of a rush, if you know what I mean. The lube felt good on my clit, and was immediately a velvety texture even though it’s a water-based lube. I really liked this, since the water-based lubes I’d used in the past were much thinner and required more product. Here, one or two pumps is good for quite a while. 

Rating: 8.5/10, tastes good, smells good, and is a good lube! 

Going Down Oral Sex Elixir: Before trying this lube, I wasn’t quite sure what the difference between the lickable glide above and this would be;they’re both designed for oral sex, smell and taste similar, and have CBG. 

Upon further inspection, though, this one also contains CBD, the more popular sister. It also is noticeably thinner than the lube, which made me think that this would be fun to use on someone with a vagina, since it would run down easily and feel good (imagine putting it in the fridge and then doing this…). Additionally, it is not compatible with latex condoms, my BFF. 

For this reason, I didn’t use it with a partner, but I later realized it would be perfect for post-penetrative sex oral, since latex condoms tend to leave behind a slight flavor that isn’t my personal favorite. This thought made me very excited to give this one a shot with a partner. 

Rating: 7/10, mostly for not being compatible with latex condoms

Unplugged Premium Silicone Lube: This was baby’s first silicone lube experience! Water-based lube is always what I heard about and was the easiest to use because it is compatible with all toy and condom materials. But, wow! The gift that keeps on giving.

I first tried this lube between my fingers to get a good feel for it, and as I was rubbing them together, I was waiting for it to run out or need additional lube, like a water-based would. I had no idea, it just kept slick even after a few minutes of rubbing my fingers together.

Let’s just say I get the appeal now, and the fact that it isn’t compatible with just one material of toy is not a big deal at all. There are glass, metal and other material toys  it works perfectly fine with, and that would be worth using silicone lube with (and now I have an excuse to buy more toys – oh nooooo!)

My only complaint is that you do need to wash the area afterwards because it leaves a bit of a residue which water-based doesn’t, but this can be a good excuse to masturbate or have sex right before showering (not that you needed one ;)).

Rating: 8/10 for being so amazing, but points reduced because I wish I could use it with my beloved silicone toys. 

Groove Grease Massage Oil Candle: Ooh, la la! This was one I was very excited about. On first impression, this candle smells so good and is something I’d burn even if it didn’t double as a sexy wax candle. 

I used this one by myself to take the time to get myself warmed up before diving into masturbating. I tend to get right into it most of the time, and don’t spend the time teasing myself like my partners do, even though it’s one of my favorite parts with others!

I lit the candle, connected my headphones, washed my toys and set out a towel on my bed. I dipped my finger in the candle first, to test the heat, and decided to go for it. Disclaimer: I stick my fingers in regular candles and enjoy the hottest of showers, but the melted wax on my skin felt so good. Letting the wax drip out of the candle onto my body, and then rubbing it in and massaging myself was a new way to get turned on.

This was a really great way to connect with myself, mind and body, before starting the usual masturbation routine.

I imagine this would be such a fun addition with a partner, as you could use it on yourself like I did, ask them to give you a massage with it, or let them drip it on you a little closer so you can feel the heat in more ways than one. 

Rating: 9/10, a fun addition for the kinky and non-kinky alike!

Wet Dry Mouth Lozenges: These are life changing. For anyone who has experienced dry mouth from some exciting pre-oral activities, or just runs out of spit while, let’s just say it, sucking someone’s dick, these are my newest must-have. I tested these one’s out with a partner and both of us felt a big difference. 

There was no pausing on my end to collect the tiny bit of spit in my mouth to use as lube: the spit was just free-flowing and made the entire experience better for both parties. Also, I didn’t need to pause and get a sip of water to rewet my mouth before moving up to kiss them afterwards, which was never something I minded, until I realized it didn’t have to happen.

These aided in smooth oral to penitrative sex transition, and they made it more fun overall! I felt sexy popping one of these in and sucking on it before moving along to suck something else. It was exciting to kiss with the candy in my mouth, because by the way, they also tasted great! I tried the grape flavor and it just added that little extra something.

And for those of you who want to get a bit kinkier with it, it made spitting in your partner’s mouth much easier as well. There was a surplus of spit to go around, and I had enough for it to go to both their mouth and their dick. This added a fun power switch moment where I had all the control even before beginning oral sex, which was so fun to explore. 

Rating: 10/10, if you buy just one thing from this review, let it be these. 

Quiz: This one isn’t really a product so much as a fun add-on, but in the box there was a QR code for a sex quiz to take yourself to discover new sexual kinks, and a partner version to see where your fantasies lined up with theirs. Talk about fun! What an exciting way to learn more about what you and your partner like, and match up shared interests if you’re feeling a little nervous to unload all your kinks at once. 

Overall thoughts

I would recommend oOYes to anyone! It’s good to use with a partner, if you need a good lube, as something fun to try, or by yourself to heighten that connection and personal experience. No matter how you use it (or how many you use it with ;) ), oOYes is sure to add a little spark to the bedroom.

I will likely repurchase these guys after I am through with them because, I will be using them until the last drop. I believe they are worth their price point for the quality that came through in their packaging, products and brand image (okay, I am a marketing student). The addition of cannabinoids to lubes is something that I’ve seen a fair bit being in Colorado, but oOYes really did it right.

Thank you to oOYes for partnering with Her Campus CU Boulder and believing in the importance of college women’s sexual wellbeing!

Sko Buffs!