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On and off the Mat: A conversation with Cree lawrence

I’ve taken my fair share of yoga classes in the past, but Cree’s class stands out in the best way. I knew I was in for something unique when I walked into a hot and dark studio room. Cree gave us time to settle in by ourselves, and as soon as she walked in, we dived head-first into hot yoga. Her voice was clear and calming as she guided us through an initial savasana and our first few movements. She gave us moments to catch our breath and drink water, her energy was contagious, and the environment was lively. The hour flew by as we followed her in fluid movements, our breaths were synced, and I felt as connected with her and everyone else in the class as I did with myself. 

Having been an athlete growing up, Cree missed the time she’d dedicate to her physical self, which brought her to yoga. Through yoga and its idiosyncratic breathwork, she learned skills that would help her mental and emotional self. After graduating in 2020, Cree ventured into the “traditional” path, with nine-to-five jobs, but soon realized it wasn’t for her. Becoming a full-time yoga instructor was a leap of faith for Cree, and it has worked out in the greatest of ways. She has been able to create a warm and welcoming community in Yoga Pod and she is able to share her knowledge with others. 

Cree’s favorite aspect of yoga lies in the balance between the physical and emotional. The intentional breath and fluid movement allows for a break from reality and grounding in her body at the same time. It is a workout while also calming the nervous system. 

It’s not yoga without the breath

Cree Lawrence

In her experience both practicing and teaching yoga, its effects are practically immediate. The cool down during savasana brings out the feelings of relaxation and a calm mind that come from the combination of movement and breath. While there is a learning curve, like in any kind of workout, it doesn’t take long for there to be a noticeable change in one’s flexibility and strength. The long-term effects of yoga, in her experience, are centered around the mental and emotional effects of yoga: there is a stronger sense of control in one’s breathing and ability to control the body’s reactions. The breathwork and grounding skills of yoga extend beyond the mat, it can be used in everyday life, for any moment. 

Prioritize breath, prioritize open mind, and prioritize open heart.

Cree Lawrence

Cree has a very unique style of instruction. She remembered all of our names and would congratulate and encourage each one of us by name, which made the class all the more personalized and enjoyable. She would also demonstrate the positions with alternatives so we knew what each position looks like, and gave us the freedom to do what our bodies needed and allowed. Cree pushed us to challenge ourselves while also respecting our bodies’ boundaries. 

Currently, Yoga Pod has a 4 for $40 deal, where you can purchase four weeks of yoga classes for $40. Then, on December 4th, Cree will be hosting a Young Women’s Workshop Group in the South Boulder Yoga Pod studio. In the workshop, Cree will teach participants skills to calm one’s nervous system, to feel empowered, and create a community together through a combination of yoga, journaling, and meditation. 

There will come a time when you believe everything is finshed. That will be the beginning

Louis L’Amour
Mariana Bastias

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Mariana is an aspiring novelist and poet studying English and Psychology, with a minor in Business. Her favorite book is "The Picture of Dorian Gray" and her favorite drink is an earl gray latte. When she isn't writing, she's baking or watching movies.