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Nine Signs You’ve Been Struck By Cupid

Butterflies, shooting stars, and a warm place to call home. True love is something so special. Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate pure love, light, and compassion. Being in love on Valentine’s Day is nothing short of magic. Legend has it a little cherub in a diaper armed with an arrow of love, will shoot those who are in need of this magic right in the heart, blessing them with the feeling of pure happiness. Perhaps you have a special someone in mind. Whether you are years into your beautiful relationship, or you’ve recently caught yourself skipping your beauty sleep to chat with someone who makes you blush; it can be difficult to determine if what you feel is true. What is true love, and who gets to decide? Truthfully, who knows? From my perspective here on Cloud 9, these are nine signs Cupid had his arrow aimed directly at your dear pretty heart. 

Are you in love this Valentine’s Day?

You feel like you’re high. 

Being in love is the most euphoric feeling one can experience. When you are with this person, everything in the world is just better. The sky is bluer, the air is softer, and each leaf on every tree dances in celebration of your bliss. Your mind drifts to the sound of their laugh, to the warmth of their embrace, each time you close your eyes, even in a blink. Being in love is a lucid daydream that never fades away. 

You always think about them.

Yes, that shirt in the display window would look so cute on them. Someone walks by with a hat on and yes, they do also like hats. You pass a Baskin Robbins on your commute home and yes, they do enjoy ice cream. When you’re in love, the smallest of details throughout your day will be sprinkled with thoughts about them. You’ll find yourself thinking about them, when you’re not even thinking about them – if that makes sense, there’s a pretty good chance you’re quite smitten already. 

You want them to be happy.

Your person’s smile is the most glorious thing you’ve ever seen. You love the way their cheeks press against the corners of their eyes. You love how the sparkles in their eyes smile more generously than their lips. You initially fall in love with being the reason for that smile, but the addiction is in falling in love with being beside them, for all the smiles, for every reason. Their happiness is yours. Yours is theirs. The dreams you each have merged into a separate, but collective, goal you both strive to achieve. Your dreams and their dreams, your happiness and their happiness, is something you’ve agreed to nurture, to water, and admire. 

You don’t feel pain as strongly.
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Life is brutal sometimes. You’re going to do badly on an exam. You’ll probably get food poisoning at some point or another. Being in love helps aid all of life’s misery. At the end of the day when you’ve just had about enough, you have someone to listen to your illicit tantrums. You have someone to rub your aching back until you fall asleep. You have someone whose arms feel like a ray of sunshine against your bare face in the morning when you can still hear the birds singing. Even when things are bad, they’re never THAT bad, because when you lay your head down at night, you know that someone in this crazy, messed-up world loves you and has your back unconditionally. 

You’re trying new things.

If there’s one golden rule, it’s that fear has no chance against love. Love is when you’d do anything if it was with your person. Love is when you acknowledge your fears and still dive in headfirst. Love is when faith outweighs any hesitation, any predisposition. Love opens your mind to a whole new world. They have their universe, and you have yours; love is the divine, time-old collision of two universes that join together to create infinite stardust. Leave your own comfort zone and then introduce your lover to it. Share, learn, and experience one another, love is abundant because love is constantly new. 

You always make time for them.

Quality time is a love language. Even if it is not your primary, or theirs, quality time is so telling to the level of your admiration. Again, life can be difficult, and it will pull you both in a million different directions. Lovers make time for each other, despite busy schedules, time conflicts, and distance. When you are absolutely head over heels for someone, loving them becomes a part of your day, of your life. Time means attention to detail. Time means checking up on their feelings. Time means putting the phone down. Time means that the person you love knows you love them. Love means they love you back just as much, and that feels like sweet heaven. 

You idealize them.

No one is perfect, in fact, everyone is far from it. You love them even more because they are nothing close to perfect. You’ve seen the mistakes they’ve made, you’ve heard about the regrets they have, and you already forgave them for the mistakes they will make later on. Being in love shifts your perspective on that person. You know they’re human and have faults, but you don’t dwell on them. In fact, you are one of the few people in their life who thinks more of them. You see every shooting star in their soul and refuse to focus on anything but the pure magic they inhibit. That light is what you’re so in love with, and only more in love, you’ll grow, with every passing day.

You don’t feel the need to hold back your opinions.

This is one of my favorite parts about finding someone so amazing. Your person will hear you. Every unspoken word you keep hidden, they’ll listen. It’s as if you can hear all seven oceans in their breath and, no matter how chaotic, to you, it sounds like the song of an angel. You know you’re in love because together you believe in the beauty of the world. You crave to understand every thought that curses their minds, as do they, you. Love thrives in this connection, Like magnets – that tension, that pull, it’s never-ending.

Your heart rates synchronize.

True love manifests into the physical so beautifully. When you love someone, your heart rates sync when they look into your eyes. Your hearts find one another and match each other’s rhythm like they know they’re meant to be together. When you lay beside them and your breathing translates into one breath, it’s like two galaxies exchanging stars and nebulas, intertwining into a space so holy. You’ll feel it in your bones, you’ll hear it in your spirit.

For your own sake, embrace the music orchestrated by the butterflies in your tummy. If you’ve found someone who adores you for every single spectacle you’re made up of, you’ve got love. If you rise every morning feeling as light as a feather and consistently choose to adore this person with your entire being, you’ve found love. Give and take, oceans and lakes. Strawberries and cherries, best friends that will one day be married. Cupid is one powerful little baby, cheers to him; cheers to love. Happy Valentine’s Day!

To my Valentine: you’ve made my world pink and gold, like a daydream. Forever and Always. XOXO

Gabriela Guevara

CU Boulder '23

I am passionate about happiness and the freedom for people to feel love. As I am working towards a degree in Political Science and Ethnic Studies, & eventually law, I hope to inspire people to reflect, learn, and spread light. Thank you for reading my words! xoxo
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