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Live, Love, Lush: Let Lush Face Masks Destress You Before Finals

Finals are right around the corner and stress levels are breaking through the roof. They say misery loves company, and the breakouts cause even more stress which cause even more breakouts. If you’re looking for a way to break this vicious cycle and destress before the end of the school year, face masks work absolute wonders for your skin and mental health.

Recently, I have been a huge fan of face masks, which also means I have been trying all different brands and types. But, I’m here to rave about one brand of face masks in particular: Lush.

Lush offers 17 fresh and jelly face masks to totally boost and refresh your skin during this crazy time of year. Face masks are the perfect way to treat your skin, and Lush offers fresh ingredients that’ll make you look and feel as radiant as ever. Keep reading to find the perfect face mask for you!

First, you have to decide if you want a fresh or jelly face mask.


This collection features 12 different face masks packed full of different essential oils, fresh fruits, and vegetables. Since Lush uses active ingredients in these fresh masks, it is important to keep your mask in the fridge. The only downside? These masks have a much shorter shelf life than the jelly ones: they expire within 2-3 weeks of production. You can get about 4-5 uses per tub, so make sure you use your mask quickly, but effectively.

Cosmetic Warrior

Ingredients: green grapes, garlic, kaolin, tea tree oil, free range eggs, and honey

Skin Type: Break-Out Prone

Good For: deep cleansing and fighting spots

It may feel like you’re rubbing garlic all over your face, but it’s extremely beneficial for cleansing. Also, I promise the smell doesn’t last too long. This mask works well with sensitive skin while the tea tree oil keeps your skin clear and fresh.


Ingredients: bananas, illipe butter, oatmeal, ground almonds and kaolin

Skin Type: Dry

Good For: Softening and moisturizing

This totally vegan mask will leave your dry or sensitive skin feeling significantly softer. It’s gentle exfoliation comes from oats and finely ground almonds, but the oats also offer an anti-histamine to calm down flaky, irritated skin while also reducing redness. The illipe butter and sandalwood oil help lock moisture in to leave your face feeling softer than a baby’s bottom. I wouldn’t recommend this mask for people with oily skin or if you are prone to break-outs.


Ingredients: Cocoa powder, fresh mint, rhassoul mud, cocoa butter and linseed butter

Skin Type: Acne-Prone and Oily

Good For: Decreasing excess oil and calming breakouts

You’re gonna be tempted to eat this delicious-smelling mask, but what could be better than covering your face in chocolate to clear up your skin? This is another vegan mask that includes peppermint to cool your skin down while the rhassoul mud deep cleanses your pores. I would avoid this mask if you have typically dry skin.

BB Seaweed

Ingredients: Fresh seaweed, rose absolute, ground almonds, kaolin, millet flakes, and aloe

Skin Type: Any

Good For: Calming and softening

This face mask caters especially to sensitive skin through fresh seaweed enriched with generous amounts of aloe vera. The ground almonds gently exfoliates your face while rose absolute soothes and smoothes your skin. I don’t recommend using this face mask more than twice a week because it could cause sudden breakouts.

Brazened Honey

Ingredients: Honey, free range eggs, kaolin, lime, ginger root, rosemary and juniper

Skin Type: Combination

Good For: Brightening and exfoliating

This mask combines tons of herbs and spices used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine to stimulate and warm your skin in order to leave your face glowing. Ground almonds and ginger help to gently exfoliate, lime oil works to brighten and honey moisturizes your skin to achieve skin harmony. Since this mask has a lot of active ingredients, I would opt for a different mask if you have particularly sensitive skin.

Catastrophe Cosmetic

Ingredients: Fresh blueberries, rose oil, calamine powder, and almond oil

Skin Type: Break-Out Prone

Good For: Cleansing and calming

This vegan mask smells of fresh blueberries and is full of just as many nutrients. By combining fresh blueberries with calamine powder and rose absolute this mask works to soothe redness and irritation while gently cleansing the skin without eliminating the natural, healthy oils in your face.

Cup O’ Coffee

Ingredients: Coffee, vanilla, kaolin, coriander oil, cocoa extract, and vetivert oil

Skin Type: Oily

Good For: Stimulating and exfoliating

This coffee-filled mask is the perfect way to kick start your day. It’s a real scrubby, get the job done exfoliating mask that I wouldn’t recommend for people with sensitive skin. But, this one can be used on both your face and body! The kaolin oil cleanses your pores while the coffee grounds buff away dry skin to reveal clean and radiant skin.

Mask of MagnamintyIngredients: Peppermint oil, honey, ground Aduki beans, vanilla absolute and bentone gel

Skin Type: Acne/Breakout Prone

Good For: Calming and fighting breakouts

The addictive peppermint scent combined with the tingly, minty fresh scent will you have upset that you can’t use this face and body mask every single day. The ground Aduki beans exfoliate damaged skin, but vanilla works to calm redness while honey soothes and moisturizes. This works great with sensitive skin, too!

The Sacred Truth

Ingredients: Fresh papaya, honey, soya yogurt, kaolin, wheat grass and lavender oil

Skin Type: Dry

Good For: Moisturizing

This fresh face mask won’t be available much longer, so get into a Lush store near you and grab it while you can! Papaya contains tons of enzymes to help eliminate dry skin while wheat grass gives your face a huge nutrient boost. Soya yogurt, coconut oil and shea butter hydrate and plump your skin to leave you feel refreshed and glowing all day.

Don’t Look At Me

Ingredients: Ground white rice, lemon juice, murumuru butter, tofu and grapefruit oil

Skin Type: Clogged pores

Good For: Deep cleansing and brightening

Don’t be scared by the vivid blue color, but rather let the invigorating, fruity smell take over to show the world your brightest complexion ever. The ground rice gently exfoliates your skin while lemon juice helps cleanse your pores and tone out your skin. Tofu and murumuru butter work together to soften and moisturize your face to leave you feeling like a goddess.

Rosy Cheeks

Ingredients: Fresh rose petals, kaolin, Turkish rose oil and calamine powder

Skin Type: Sensitive

Good For: Calming and Toning

Pamper yourself in this gorgeously soothing pink face mask (how can you go wrong with Pink?). The calming blend of Rose oil, calamine powder and kaolin reduce redness and balance your skin. The kaolin gently cleanses out the dirt in your pores while rose oil tones and nourishes your face. This mask is great for everyone in my opinion!


With five different jelly face masks to choose from, you really can’t go wrong. The difference between jelly and fresh face masks is that jelly masks don’t need to be refrigerated and can last for about four months! Seaweed is known for its calming qualities and you can find it in a lot of different lush products, including all five of their jelly masks.

These are very easy to use, but a little bit different than the fresh face masks. Scoop a piece from the container into dry palms and work the jelly in your hands until it turns into a creamy substance. Spread the mask on your face and let it sit for about 10 minutes. Then just wash it off with warm water or a washcloth and say hello to beautiful, radiant skin.

1,000 Millihelens

Ingredients: Green tea, fresh apple juice, kaolin, witch hazel, talc and lemon oil

Skin Type: Acne Prone

Good For: Toning and brightening

This antioxidant-rich mask will leave your skin soft, bright and perfectly toned. Green tea uses its anti-inflammatory qualities to detoxify your skin while witch hazel tones your skin. The hydroxy acids in the apple juice gently exfoliate dry skin leaving your face glowing.

Birth of Venus

Ingredients: Seawater, fresh rose petals, kaolin, and lavender oil

Skin Type: Oily

Good For: Balancing and moisturizing

Treat yourself like a goddess with this mineral-rich face mask. The soothing combination of kaolin and seawater is perfect for moisturizing oily skin, but the seawater also helps tone and refresh your face. Lavender and fresh rose infusion work together to calm your skin and reduce any irritation, but the bewitching lavender and chamomile smell will leave you wanting more.

Bunny Moon

Ingredients: Honey, water, rose oil, kaolin, vanilla absolute, and chamomile

Skin Type: Sensitive and tired

Good For: Balancing and soothing

If your skin is feeling tired and overworked, treat yourself to this gentle, gold-dusted jelly mask. This facemask feels remarkably soft on your skin and is just as hydrating considering honey makes up 12% of the mask. While the honey moisturizes, rose, chamomile, and vanilla reduce irritation and leave your skin feeling balanced. Plus, this mask leaves a little sprinkle of gold dust when you take it off.


Ingredients: Rose absolute, calamine powder, carrageenan extract

Skin Type: Irritated

Good For: Calming and softening

The gentle calamine powder reduces redness and irritation while rose absolute soothes your skin, leaving you feeling relaxed and refreshed after use. The base is filled with mineral-rich carrageenan extract for extreme calming powers for your tired skin. Plus, it’ll leave your skin velvety smooth even the day after you use it!

Just To Clarify

Ingredients: Fresh papaya and orange juice, bamboo stem, kaolin and bergamot oil

Skin Type: Any

Good For: Boosting your complexion

This brightening face mask uses scrubby bamboo bits and and cleansing papaya juice to help your skin glow up. All the different fruit enzymes work together to brighten your face and break away dry skin. Plus, all it does is reveal your naturally glowing skin underneath the tired and dead stuff. I personally wouldn’t use this if you have sensitive skin.

I hope this article inspired you to relax and take care of yourself before the most stressful time of the year. I love face masks and think they are the perfect way to mentally and physically relax for a little bit.

And remember, the people that work at Lush are amazing and extremely knowledgeable, and can help you find the perfect face mask for you! Just go in and ask.

Thanks for reading!




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