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This is definitely not the last time you’ll hear: “Use your resources!”

Resources for finding a job have just gotten better and better. Social media platforms have been improving so much that there are new ones every year and upgraded versions of them too. I’ve had it all: Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and TikTok. It wasn’t until college that I got a LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is like a business version of Facebook. They have a place for you to update your school status, job, add your resume, skills, etc. I like having a LinkedIn because it puts yourself further out there than word of mouth can. Anyone can look you up – so endless, unimaginable opportunities can come forth.

I’m such an advocate for LinkedIn and constantly checking it because I got my current internship through LinkedIn. A recruiter messaged me and after a few interviews, I accepted it! As a sophomore in college who has very few connections that are in the workforce for what I want to do, I wouldn’t be able to get an internship this early on. Self-plug if you or anyone you know who is interested in financial planning for themselves, message me

LinkedIn has so much more to offer also. They have educational videos, sort of like YouTube that offer a wide variety of topics that may be useful to leverage in your own life as a business professional.

The opportunities are endless. Now get out there and make your LinkedIn pretty and polished like your resume!

Tracy Huynh

CU Boulder '23

Tracy is a sophomore at the Leeds School of Business. In her free time, she enjoys binge-watching Netflix and going shopping. If she is not studying, she can be found with a fuzzy blanket and fuzzy socks in bed or in the home decor section of any store daydreaming.
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