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It’s during the earliest hours of the morning when the sun is still a dream away, and there’s that stillness in the way the air flies, and in the way the stars shimmer – when life seems small and the universe seems in control. It’s when you feel that sliver of light, of peace, that gifts you the strength to take on another day of chaos. To feel this magic, however, all the time, even in the most difficult times, is a skill and treasure all in one. 

La vie en Rose, the life in pink, is a mindset rooted in beauty. It tells a tale that glorifies looking at life through a rose-colored lens, to see the beauty in everything… even the ugly. This is misleading and, even if you’ve been in love with and living by this concept for a while already, with the year we’ve had in 2020, it can be rather difficult to see much light or positivity in anything. 

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Here are a few little tips, just some things that have crossed my mind and honestly relieved me of so much stress, and that’s something a lot of people may need, I just know it. 

La vie en Rose, for one, is about your own individual vie (life). Comparing yourself, your accomplishments, your timing, your personal path, or anything else of yours to anything else or anyone else is the dimming of your own pink. Slowly you’ll lose all the color you have and you’ll turn to gray, that’s when it becomes hard to see life for what it is for you, beautiful. 

You also need to acknowledge that real life is not pretty all of the time, and this year it was pretty, well, sometimes. The point of having on these rose-colored glasses is to see grace in everything, even the ugly. This one is important! When everything seems to be happening at once, and when life is just hitting you with a lot of, well, life, it’s the rosy mindset that gives you the bravery to face these obstacles with knowledge, kindness, and light; typically issues resolve themselves better this way, or at least it allows you to feel better. This also, keep in mind, involves allowing yourself space, permission, and time to grieve your losses, to be upset, hurt and angry – to feel all of these very real emotions because they are what makes us human, we have to feel them, so let yourself. Here’s the cool part: after you feel the energy from those feelings turn into action, you can work on healing yourself once again – and with your life waiting to bloom into your most vibrant pink, you heal to the sound of that stillness, that peace. 

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Breanna Coon / Her Campus
A lot of the time, I think we all just need to remind ourselves to breathe. Especially in 2020, like I said, and I don’t think I need to expand on that one. As for me, I study political science, so my nose is always in history books and current event articles, seeing much beauty in those two places is not easy. I took an American Law class through the CU Law School this summer, and one of our assignments was to watch the movie “Just Mercy” (2019). I can tell you, I have never felt more heartbroken and devastated than I did when I was watching this film – I highly recommend, obviously. Again, here’s the cool part, although I was absolutely broken over what I watched (and what I know to be true about mass incarceration, the death penalty, and the lack of equal justice in our judicial system) I didn’t feel defenseless. I felt ignited, enraged, passionate. I was excited to continue my studying, to get my shit together to get into one of the best law programs, to spend the rest of my days working beside and fighting with those that historically, and presently, don’t get the kind of representation and fate they so very deserve. One of the fourteen other students in my class, mentioned how she was inspired to see that, despite the horrid world we live in now, so many young people – bright, compassionate, driven-young people are ready and able to make real societal changes. That’s the beauty of it, that we have the power to progress, and we have the ability to do so together.

The glorious truth is that no matter what, at the end of the day, the moon will rise above you, and your eyes will glow from its light. Make yourself this promise: tonight, when it does, and your eyes are glistening in velvet brown, diamond blue, or anything in between… breathe. In through the nose, out passed the lips; breathe. Through everything, we’re all just stardust, trying to find beauty. The moon knows that, and when she rises every night, know that you are not alone, and that she sees you as pure, graceful, pink. 

Gabriela Guevara

CU Boulder '23

I am passionate about happiness and the freedom for people to feel love. As I am working towards a degree in Political Science and Ethnic Studies, & eventually law, I hope to inspire people to reflect, learn, and spread light. Thank you for reading my words! xoxo
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