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Seasonal depression can be really hard. Winter is already cold and dark, and now you’re feeling down too. Here in Colorado, we get more light than normal, but seasonal depression can still slip in. Some of these tips have worked for me, give them a shot!

Sunset Light or Happy Light.

We’ve all heard about the happy lights that many use for seasonal depression and these can be great for many people. I don’t love how these happy lights look, and I don’t really have space for one either. However, I found these really cool sunset lights recently and I feel like this light would act similarly to the happy light without the bulkiness. Plus they look really really cool. 

Set Small Goals.

The key to getting out of a funk is often getting the things done that have been slipping through the cracks of your “to do” list. Set small goals for yourself. Start with just getting out of bed in the morning, maybe make your bed if you can. Choose a day to do your laundry or dishes. If the environment around you begins to improve, you will go with it. These will not entirely get you out of the funk of seasonal depression, but they will help you kick-start it. 

Be Kind to Yourself.

It’s really easy to get down on yourself when you’re already sad. Remember to be kind to yourself about dishes, laundry, and work you’re behind on. Being mean to yourself won’t help you to feel better. If you treat yourself like you would a friend, this will help to prevent your funk from worsening. I also like to pretend that the voice in my head is a little mean bird who brings me down, that way, I can ignore the things they say. 

Talk to Your Teachers.

If you’re struggling with classes and homework, don’t be afraid to reach out to your professors for some help. Many people struggle with mental health or know someone who does, and your professors are there to help you. If you feel uncomfortable talking to your professors one on one, use your resources at CAPS and they can help you get help in classes.

Open up to friends and family about how they can help.
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Getting help from family and friends can be really great. If they can offer the support you need, this can be a great help for those bad days. Start with one friend and tell them how you have been struggling, and how they can help you. I’ve had friends in the past who have come over and cleaned my room for me so that I don’t feel as bad about it. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you need, and think about what you would do for your friends if they were in your situation. 

Seasonal depression is the worst, but the winter is lifting soon and the sun will return more and more every day. These tips will help you feel a bit better until then.

Marita is a junior at CU and marketing major with a creative technology and design minor. She loves fashion, design and cooking. In her free time, she loves to go on walks and hang out with her bearded dragon, Walter!
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