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Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik Broke Up

Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik officially confirmed their break up through Twitter on March 13. The two were first speculated to be a pair all the way back in October of 2015. After Gigi was featured in Zayn’s “Pillowtalk” many believed that they were an item. They made their relationship official when they walked the red carpet at the Met Gala together.



The couple actually was on and off for much of the summer in 2016. Issues that had to do with communicating with one other seemed to be the cause of the strife. It should also be noted that Zayn was reportedly dealing with the worst anxiety of his career as he put it on his Twitter. However, both made it clear that they wanted to make it work, and by July 2016 they were officially back on.



It seems that for most of 2017, their relationship was for the most part smooth sailing. There were plenty of Instagrams posted, and even engagement rumors when Gigi wore a gold ring on her left hand’s ring finger and Zayn revealed a new tattoo of the word love written in cursive on his right hand.



In August of 2017, Gigi and Zayn appear on the cover of Vogue dressed in Gucci, Ralph Lauren, and Ann Demeulemeester. They talk about how they shop from each other’s closets, and the article delves into the concept of gender fluidity-however neither Gigi or Zayn identify as genderfluid and the article meets some backlash.


Their relationship seems to be as perfect as ever, with plenty of cute pictures being posted and their matching Halloween costumes are just way too cute. Zayn and Gigi pose as Spiderman and Catwoman, aka Halloween couple goals! In November, Gigi posts an adorable instagram with Zayn for their two year anniversary, captioned, “2 yrs w my favorite human”.



Rumors begin to swirl in March that Gigi and Zayn have unfollowed each other on Instagram.Then, on March 13th, Zayn posts a short but sweet message that confirms that he and Gigi have officially broken up. He speaks very highly of Gigi, and he details how much respect and adoration he has for her. Gigi also posts a statement of her own on her Twitter. She notes that whatever is meant to be will be.




It should also be noted that Zayn unfollowed all of the Hadids, including sister, Bella, and Gigi’s mom, Yolanda. In other words, this is as heartbreaking as when Chris Pratt and Anna Faris broke up, and love is basically dead.

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