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Five Spots to Hot Girl Run this Fall

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Running is one of the hardest things to do before, during, or after a hard day of classes. However, for the past month I have been getting my running grind on, and I know a good run starts with a good location. So if you’re an experienced runner, intermediate, or a rookie, I’ve included a few of my favorite places on or around campus to keep you up on your running grind. Don’t get me wrong, I know running can be hard sometimes, but when you get out there and experience different spells of nature during your run, you may feel like Superman, and your Strava will show it! So grab your friends, throw on a cute running fit, and start running to one of my five favorite spots listed below. 

As always, when running with friends or alone, make sure you take the right safety precautions before heading out. Boulder is home to some of the best wildlife, but that doesn’t mean it won’t attack you (yikes). I highly recommend traveling with bear spray, and possibly a whistle in case you run into any trouble while running throughout Boulder. With that, I hope you enjoy running at these spots as much as I do. Stay safe, and sko buffs!

Boulder Canyon

Boulder Canyon is about a five-to-ten minute drive from the University of Colorado’s main campus. It offers a mix of concrete and dirt trail running and a unique view, right in the middle of Boulder Canyon. The 2.6 mile trail follows right along Boulder Creek, and observes its fair share of runners, bikers, and hikers. The walls of the canyon make it a great shady spot if you are looking for a midday-to-afternoon run to avoid the last bit of the summer heat. This trail is fairly easy, but features some harder uphill slopes. However, it is pretty perfect for the average beginner. I highly recommend it.

University of Colorado Main Campus

If you are looking for a closer run, the university’s main campus is the perfect spot. Some friends and I usually run around the campus at night because it is usually fully lit, and a lot safer than running anywhere else in Boulder. Even though we see campus every day, running at night fills me with a sort of nostalgia, and seeing the ATLAS dome light up at night is pretty cool. You can usually knock out up to two or three miles with this run. It’s convenient for any student getting out of class late or just finishing up the last bits of homework. This is also a good excuse to make some friends in your dorm to run with. Any beginner could do this run, and I love running around campus at night.

Bobolink Trailhead and South Boulder Creek Trail

Despite its unusual name, this trail is packing. With 6.6 miles of out-and-back trail to offer, this trail is long. You can start at the Bobolink trailhead near Baseline Road, or at the opposite trailhead on Marshall Road. It is mostly a dirt and gravel trail, with a bit of concrete in between. It is surrounded by trees and wildlife, including some not-so-wild cows. The cows usually hang out by the Marshall Road trailhead, and they are the best part about this run. I always like seeing some animals on my run, but the cows are my personal favorite, especially when there are calves running around and playing with one another (cuteness overload). The distraction makes the run feel easier, and in the end, makes it more enjoyable. If you’re a beginner, this trail will be great for you. However, if you wanted to pack on some extra miles, this trail is the perfect fit.

Martin Park

This friendly concrete neighborhood trail goes on for miles throughout the Martin Acres to Baseline Sub neighborhoods, and can even go as far as Pearl Street. It is a busy trail, but great for beginners who live off-campus and for those down in Williams Village and Bear Creek. This trail is so big, I cannot calculate how long it actually is, but it’s long. It marks the start of many intertwining trails around the city. People populate this trail by foot, bike, roller blade, and even scooter. This trail is perfect for beginners and extreme runners alike, especially if you’re looking for some extra mileage. This trail is pretty safe, however, I have personally biked past a mama bear and her cubs on this trail at night, so it’s probably best to run this during the day, especially if you are alone. Other than that, this trail is great for running, or overall transportation around Boulder if you do not, or prefer not to, commute by motor vehicle.

Chautauqua Park

Even though this park is famous for Boulder’s beautiful Flatirons, there are many more trails within the park that may be more runner-friendly. There are a few trails on the flatter side of the park that beginner runners may be more interested in. However, if you are really hardcore, I’ve heard there are a few trails around here that may satisfy your need to go extreme. The first Flatiron trail is a steep one, but not impossible to run. I do not recommend it to any beginner, but I have seen many runners on that trail while hiking it myself, so it can be done. Always be extremely careful when performing runs like this, and make sure you are listening to your body while doing so. If you are more of a beginner, there are a few trails I suggest for you: Kohler Mesa Trail and Enchanted Mesa Trail have more intermediate trails that a beginner could try from time to time. They are dirt trails, mainly used for hiking, but if you would like a little bit of a challenge, these are not as steep or dramatic as the Flatiron trails. Overall, these trails are great for hiking or running, and I suggest at least hiking them once in your time here in Boulder.

I hope you enjoyed my review of my top five favorite places to run. Running is always easier and way more fun with a few friends, so invite your friends and go running this fall! With that, I hope to see you on the trails!

Caitlin Alexander

CU Boulder '26

Hello! My name is Caitlin Alexander. I am a student at CU Boulder studying Advertising, with a business and music minor. I was an editor for my high school newspaper, and I have a love and passion for photography and writing. I also love sports, going outside, and being active.