Finals Week As Told by The Twilight Saga

In the world of the college student, there is no force as powerful as finals. It can push even the strongest to their limits and make people do crazy things. As the study aesthetic becomes a lifestyle and the semester creeps to the finish line, everyone is feeling a whirlwind of emotions. Here’s all of these crazy finals feels, as told by the cast of Twilight.

Your Professor explaining what concepts you should know and how the final will be formatted:

Walking into Norlin for the 6th time in 2 days:

Finally getting your coffee after waiting for 15 minutes at the Laughing Goat:

Calling your mom and telling her about your week:

The person on the intercom at 1:45 AM telling you that the library closes in in 15 minutes:

How you see your essay while you’re writing it vs. actually re-reading it:

TFW somebody is talking in the quiet section of the library:

Your last two brain cells fighting for dominance:

When your friends see you at any point during the week:

Feeling prepared for the exam and then reading question one:

Getting TF out of that last exam:

Seeing your final grades and realizing you totally rocked it: