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Finals Week as Told By the Cast of Friends

Finals season is steadily approaching as many students are frantically scrambling to prepare for exam week. Here is what finals week--and the days leading up--are like as told by the cast of Friends:


When you realize how much information you’ve covered since August

Trying to support your friends even though you feel like crying also Seeing a test question and thinking you know the answer… until you re-read it. Mastering the art of stress eating and not giving a damn

When you get home for break and your parents ask you how finals went Finding out you actually aced all of your finals source: giphy

Lea Brody-Heine

CU Boulder '22

I am a freshman at CU Boulder, but a true Oregonian at heart. I am very passionate about politics, especially women's rights issues. In high school I was Layout Editor, Copy Editor, and Staff Writer for my school's news paper, The Pinnacle. I am a huge tea drinker and if you ask my roommate, she'll say I have enough tea on my desk to supply someone for a lifetime.
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