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Everything You Need to Know for Getting an Apartment: Meeting With the Roomies

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at CU Boulder chapter.

Housing in Boulder is tough, but now that you’ve signed a lease (or are still looking!) it’s time to get out the Pinterest boards and start coordinating with the future roommates for making your apartment perfect! It can be daunting to decide what you want, and what you can afford. It can be a difficult conversation to have with roommates about what you all want and reaching an agreement for the communal spaces. Nonetheless, don’t be afraid to speak your mind and plan ahead!

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Step one is to talk to your roommates and get to know them a bit better if you’re not already friends. It’s important to get an idea of lifestyle, personality, and boundaries because even though you’re most likely not sharing a room like in the dorms, having a baseline for your roommates will make life significantly easier. Your roommates can be your best friends and a great support system, so don’t be scared to share your passions and the type of apartment life you’re wanting to live! You’re all going to live together for a year so be friendly and find points that you can agree on and if there are any major disagreements, chat about it and work to find a solution!

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Find an aesthetic you love and stick to it. Your room and communal space will be a key point in your life next year, so make sure you’re happy. Remember to incorporate color because while you may love grey you’ll want splashes of color to lighten the room.

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A great place to start is tapestries, colored fairy lights, tabletop decorations, or colored hand towels. Regardless of what it is, a bit of color and texture will make your home feel like a home (coming from a girl who didn’t think the color would be important and found living in 50 shades of grey is not homie!).

Talk about the decorations you like and find a theme that everyone loves and will be willing to contribute to. Making sure everyone will contribute is an important thing to consider because you want to start off on good terms, and nonparticipation can be a point of contention that will only boil into resentment. Communicate with your roommates what you want, and find a budget that will work for you!

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Divvy up who wants to bring what for the following year, because even if you want to wait until you show up, your roommates might need more time to plan! Communication is the best way to get off to a good start, and it’s fun to get to know the girls you’ll be spending your next year with. Remember everyone has a different lifestyle and budget than you, so be respectful and cooperative!

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Living in an apartment is so fun and is a great experience, so start talking and getting excited about your new home!


Katelynn Hughes

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Katelynn is currently a senior at CU Boulder, double majoring in Neuroscience and Psychology with a minor in Business. She is an undergraduate student researcher studying alcohol use in adolescence and has worked with public policy around juvenile justice. She currently serves as the Events Director for the CU chapter on the Senior Exec board. In her free time she loves movie nights with her girl squad and cuddling with her poodle.
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