A Couple's Guide to an Adventurous Valentine's Day

If you’re anything like me, you love the whole idea of Valentine's Day, the chocolates, roses, mushy love texts, stuffed animals, jewelry, oh and did I mention CHOCOLATE? Let’s not forget how important that heart shaped box of chocolates really is ;) However, the one thing that is truly special to me is spending some quality time with my boyfriend. While he is just as adventurous as I am, I created a list that suits everyone’s curious and adventure seeking sides!

1. Ice Skating

The Boulder ice rink is located near downtown Pearl Street and has the PERFECT romantic feel you're searching for tonight! Twinkly lights, hot cocoa, and music are all included!

2. Color me Mine

Do you and your babe love to paint or like letting your creative juices flow? If you said yes, Color me Mine is the perfect spot for the two of you. Even if you're not a painter this place allows you to have fun exploring a new side of yourself! 

3. Sur La Table cooking class

Sur La Table sits at the end of 29th Street and it is the perfect spot for a new date night idea! The class is designed to teach you new skills while also preparing a delicious meal or dessert with another couple. At the end of the class, you will leave with the idea of becoming an aspiring chef! 

4. Homemade Dinner

Looking for a fun recipe to try out together? Try making sushi for an exciting new dinner idea! You will need bamboo mats, seaweed, sticky rice, protein (if desired), avocado, cucumber, or any other ingredients you'd like to throw in! Hint: use a sharp knife to get the perfect sushi rolls! 

5. Take Pictures

Borrow a camera, rent a camera, or use your iPhone and venture out to capture some fun memories! There's nothing better than grabbing a camera and getting in the car to find the perfect spot to shoot our gorgeous mountains, wildlife, campus, or even snap pictures of each other! 

6. 50 Shades Darker

Looking for a steamy movie to watch? Look no further! 50 Shades Darker is all the sexy you're looking for this Valentine's Day! This movie had us at the edge of our seats and left us wanting more! 

7. Painting Class

If you're looking for somewhere to enjoy drinks and a good time, try Canvas and Cocktails in Denver! This place provides all the delicious drinks and truly makes you feel like Picasso. Trust me, your end piece will surprise you and make you feel like you might have some untapped potential! 

8. Dinner in Denver

Feeling like you need to dress up and see the city lights tonight? Try a dim lit and romantic restaurant in Denver! Our personal favorite is Beatrice and Woodsley for the beautiful aspen trees that surround you while you eat! 

9. A Trip to the Humane Society

Even if you're not ready to bring a puppy or kitten into your lives, the Boulder Humane Societ has all the cute with none of the responsibility! Playing with animals is always a great idea! And hey, puppies are proven to make everyone look more attractive, so that's a plus! ;) 

10. Breakfast at your favorite spot!

Brunch is not just on Sunday mornings anymore, use Valentines Day as an excuse to take your babe out for a delicious breakfast/lunch! If you happen to visit Lucille's, the eggs Jennifer with half potatoes and half grits are my favorite! 


Whatever you have planned for you and your special someone just remember to have fun and enjoy the time together. After all, Valentine's Day only comes around once a year! 

Happy Valentine’s Day to all my fellow couples out there! xoxo