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The Changemaker Attitude: Jordan Fox’s Refreshing Take on Climate Change

I have known Jordan Fox for 15 years and I can easily say she is one of the most accomplished and inspiring people I know. Jordan grew up in Aspen, Colorado, and has always had a passion for the environment. She has also seen the effects of climate change firsthand. This past year, at only 20 years old, Jordan published her first book: "The Changemaker Attitude". This book takes a unique perspective on climate change and challenges the notion that our world is on the fast train towards an impending “doomsday”. It is a refreshingly positive perspective on arguably one of the most complicated problems our world is facing. 

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Her Campus CU Boulder: "How has climate change affected you personally?"

Jordan Fox: "As you know, I grew up in a small ski town. Growing up in such a beautiful place and having the opportunity to ski and explore the mountains gave me an immense appreciation for nature. Living in a rural mountain town means I see the negative effects of climate change firsthand. The idea that future generations won’t have the opportunity to see the beautiful world I see every day is heartbreaking." 

HCCU: "What inspired you to write a book about climate change?"

JF: "I was reached out to by a Georgetown University professor about participating in a program that allows young people around the country to publish their own books. When thinking about the topics that matter the most to me, travel, wellness, and the environment immediately came to mind. What drew me towards the topic of climate change was the fear surrounding it. Climate change is terrifying, daunting, and to some, seemingly irreversible. I was curious to see if there was a way to look at this problem without fear?" 

HCCU: "Why did you choose to interview entrepreneurs? How can they impact climate change?"

JF: "Entrepreneurs are the innovators of the world and are constantly shaking it up. Therefore, they have a tangible impact on climate change and the ability to improve the current situation. Entrepreneurs remind us that in the face of adversity, such as government officials not taking action or groups that simply refuse to believe in climate change, we as individuals have the power to make a difference." 

HCCU: "How do you define 'The Changemaker Attitude' and what does that mean exactly?"

JF: "The changemaker attitude is not blind faith that this problem will fix itself. It is the understanding that we, individually, have the power and opportunity to solve a pressing and disastrous problem. It is knowing that by taking action locally, we can overcome paralyzing fear. It is avoiding the insignificant fights over trivial matters. It is acknowledging people everywhere who are making a difference. It is recognizing that we can personally take action despite not having all the answers. It is understanding everyone encounters setbacks and to use those to gain experience. It is changing our outlooks to influence our actions and the actions of those around us. It is connecting with other people who share our visions and conquering challenges together with our collective knowledge. It is finding ways to use our voices to inform, inspire, and uplift others."

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After a year that was seemingly one disaster after another, it is uplifting to read about climate change from the perspective of an optimist, like Jordan Fox. "The Changemaker Attitude" brought everything I thought I knew about the fight against climate change into question. Personally, I am convinced that the power of the individual and taking innovative action is indeed our way out. Fox has found a way to completely take fear out of the question and what is left? I think it’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

Alex Hazen

CU Boulder '22

Alex is a 22-year-old Senior at the University of Colorado Boulder Leeds School of Business. Her hometown is Aspen, Colorado and in her free time she loves to write, hike, ski, practice yoga, and try new food!
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