Bangin' Big Little Baskets

Big/Little week is one of the most exciting weeks for new members who have just joined a sorority. As a first-time Big, I cannot wait to spoil my little with the cutest baskets that will be given to her throughout the week. Today, I’m going to share some items that any Little would love to have in her basket and ways in which you, as a Big, can personalize yours!


One thing is for certain, no one will ever get tired of is reppin’ their letters. Apparel like shirts, hats, and even fanny packs are a great way for your Little to start livin’ it up in her letters!


The whole point of Big/Little week is to become a mentor to your Little who is probably a new member of your chapter. In getting to know about them, you will, of course, come to learn their favorite hobbies, movies, and food! Food is always a must and your Little will always be thinking of you while they snack on what you packed them.


Most Littles are usually freshman, and even if they are not, they probably do not have any items that represent your chapter. Decorating letters or finding items like blankets, mugs, cups, keychains, decals, jewelry, etc. is a great way for a Little to start identifying with their newfound organization.

Stuffed animals/Tchotchkes

Any stuffed animal or small random item would complement a basket nicely and is yet another great way to get to know you Little (a plus if you buy their favorite animal). They’re a super cute addition to any basket, and you can't go wrong with fun little items!

Paintings/Picture frames

Paintings of your letters or engraved picture frames is another gift that any Little will appreciate. As you grow with your Little, they can use the frame to put one of the many pictures you are sure to take with them. Paintings look great in any bedroom and remind the Little of their Big whenever they look at them. 

Throughout the week, you will be giving your Little a clue about who their Big is (YOU)! The excitement that the baskets bring leads up to the grand reveal where you are reunited with your Little! Follow these tips for creating a bangin’ basket that your Little is sure to remember by the time they become a Big.


Signin’ off, bang bang, kiss kiss,

Nikki B.