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Back to the Past – How 90s and 2000s Fashion is Making its Comeback

As the popular phrase goes, “History repeats itself," women’s fashion trends are no different. Butterfly clips and Juicy Couture Sweatsuits and Low Rise Jeans, Oh My! The latest and greatest fashion trend is one we’ve definitely seen before. The era of Britney Spears and Paris Hilton is back, and with it come fashion pieces and accessories we so desperately need to try out. From denim on denim looks to bucket hats, here is a list of some of our favorite 90s and 2000s trends that are making their comeback in 2020. 

Kitten Heels

MEOW! Kitten heels, or heeled flip flops, were one of the most dominant shoe trends of the 2000s. Paired with mid-length skirts and tank tops, these shoes kept celebrities cool and casual while attending big events. This trend seemed to have faded until 2020, where you see stars such as Kim Kardashian rocking kitten heels on the red carpet.

Baugette Shoulder Bags

Too small to actually fit a baguette in it, this purse’s appeal is its size. Seen in the 2000s from icons like Paris Hilton and Sarah Jessica Parker, this trend was taken over by many of the biggest 2020 fashion influencers, sparking its appeal with fashion lovers all over the United States.

Pleated Skirts

As Paris Hilton once said, “Life is too short to blend in," and she never did. Rocking the pleated skirt with a leather jacket and a matching leather hat, it's no wonder this trend made its comeback. Now paired with cropped graphic tees and a pair of Doc Marten boots, 2020 has officially stamped its style on the iconic pleated skirt.


European fashion, but make it the 2000s. From being under elegant ball gowns to being paired with low rise jeans, this trend is making its comeback for the third time. Similar to how it was worn in the 2000s, 2020 pairs these corsets with low rise jeans or cargo pants. Different decades, same styling, minus the crimped hair and blinged-out jewelry of course.

Butterfly Jewlery

There is simply no trend better than Jennifer Garner's butterfly necklace look in “13 Going on 30”. The hair, the necklace, the dress, all screaming 2000s fashion. This iconic use of butterfly accessories is now back and better than ever. Now in a simple gold necklace or in playful, rainbow-colored clips, 2020 is definitely bringing back the butterflies.

As 2019 brought us biker shorts and chunky sneakers, 2020 has brought us the 2000s trends we all grew up admiring. From Cher’s iconic sweater vest in “Clueless” to Micheal Jordan's classic Air Jordan 1’s, 2020 is taking us back to the past with these latest trends.

Kristen Young

CU Boulder '24

Kristen Young is currently a Sophomore at the University of Colorado Boulder, studying Strategic Communications with minors in both Marketing and Political Science. When she isn't writing for Her Campus, she can be found online shopping, watching Harry Potter on repeat, eating on Pearl Street or simply hanging out with friends.
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