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Ariana Grande dropped a single with her bestie Victoria Monet on April 1st titled “MONOPOLY” (watch here). The single came with a music video of the two filming themselves on video cameras and spreading love through silly emojis. The song comes as “a celebration and a ‘thank u’ for everything”.  


For those of you who don’t know who Victoria Monet is, she’s Ari’s right-hand woman who helped create the legendary thank u, next album. As one of Ari’s 7 rings gals, Victoria Monet helped Ari through not only the process of songwriting but the process of healing that came along with it. In Ari and Friends’ interview with Zach Sang, Victoria tells the story of how the third verse of thank u, next was written by Ari in the shower. She goes on to say that the lyric ‘God forbid something happens, least this song is a smash’ “defines [Ari’s] sense of humor in regards to…hard things”. It turns out that MONOPOLY isn’t Ari and Victoria’s first song together.

Some people might remember the two performing together at Ari’s One Love Manchester concert. They performed Better Days, a single by Victoria Monet featuring Ari herself (you can find the song on Soundcloud here). At the Sweetener show in Washington,  D.C., Ari and Victoria surprised fans with She Got Her Own, a song that they had written together and never released (check it out here). It’s exciting to see where they’ll go and if they’ll be coming out with more music in the future. These two besties are proof that the hardest of times can be made better when you’ve got someone supportive by your side.


Nina Ryan

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