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5 Electronic Artists to Listen to While You Study

Looking for some instrumental music to study to? These five electronic artists provide dozens of songs that you’ll want to add to your playlist ASAP!


Randy Goffe, known as Home, combines the sounds of the 70’s and 80’s with today’s “Vaporwave” and “Chillwave” subgenres. With 3 full-length albums and 1 EP, it’s easy to get lost in these futuristic beats.

Listen on Spotify or Apple Music.


The whimsical tracks of the Finnish producer, Tomppabeats, combines lo-fi hip-hop tracks with soft electronic beats that are perfect for background music. 

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Daniel Rosenfeld, known for composing the Minecraft soundtrack, provides a handful of calming electronic albums that are guaranteed to lull you into a nostalgic trance.

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In Love With a Ghost

In Love With a Ghost mixes dreamy melodies with lo-fi tracks, creating gentle beats that are perfect to relax to. 

Listen on Spotify or Apple Music.

Ark Patrol

Brandon Gomez, known for his alias Ark Patrol, is an alternative electronic artist from Seattle. His music consists of soft hypnotizing patterns that are easy to get lost in.

Listen on Spotify or Apple Music.

Go check these artists out and have fun studying!

Tabitha Farnham

CU Boulder '23

Tabitha is currently in her first year at CU Boulder and is excited to be a Her Campus contributor!
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