5 Coffee Drinks to Boost Your Caffeine Levels for Finals

With finals nearly here and hours going into studying to prepare, coffee turns into much of a necessity, caffeine necessary to breathe life back into our exhausted minds.

To save money and get the most caffeine for your coffee boost, here are the five best coffee drinks for finals:


1. Undertow

The Undertow is a fairly straightforward coffee drink and my all time favorite for a quick, pleasant boost of energy. The barista will pour about 1/2 inch of cream into a tiny little cup over your choice of a ½-1 pump of flavoring (vanilla is ALWAYS a good choice here). After a shot is pulled from the espresso machine, a spoon will be used to carefully pour the espresso ON TOP of the cream and flavoring. What results is a mixed drink that is absolutely addicting. You drink it like you’re taking a shot, getting the warm, bitter shot, before cool cream and sweet vanilla take over. It is immensely pleasant, usually cheap (depends on the coffee shop, but don’t let them rip you off!), quick, and will surely give you that additional boost to finish your final paper.


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2. Americano (flavoring optional)

An Americano is a wonderful way to get a heavy dose of caffeine with limited calories and a (usually) cheap price. And Americano is a simple drink as well: water and espresso, your choice of added cream or flavoring. Despite its simple nature, Americanos are very good with a unique taste from that of regular black coffee (a better taste in my opinion). And if straight espresso over water isn’t your thing, add a bit of cream or flavor. Personally, I find the best flavors for an Americano to be the nutty ones, like hazelnut or amaretto or just plain and simple vanilla. A pump or two of flavoring goes a long way here. In contrast to size, an Americano usually has 1 shot for a small, 2 shots for a medium, and 3 shots for a large. My suggestion as finals arrives is to get a small with an extra shot.

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3. Cold Brew (aka Toddy)

Not only is Cold Brew a completely different taste from regular, hot coffee (or even iced coffee), the concentrated process of making it results in a coffee that is SIGNIFICANTLY more caffeinated than its hot counterpart. Cold Brew, also known as Toddy, is usually relatively cheap in comparison to other things on the menu while delivering the smoothest, quickest, and strongest punch of energy. Like with an Americano, adding cream, sugar, or flavorings is entirely up to the drinker.


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4. Macchiato

This is not the Macchiato you are used to receiving from your local Starbucks, as traditional Macchiatos are much simpler with significantly less flavoring. Traditionally, a Macchiato is a shot (or two) of espresso with a dollop of foamed milk (which is made by steaming milk, just like one would do for a latte). The simple combination is easy and fast to drink, while still tasting wonderful. The contrast of foamed milk to the espresso shots is simple and best enjoyed soon after the drink is completed. For my own personal suggestion, mixing the espresso shots with some honey before adding the milk adds a sweetness to the drink that is just right.


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5. Venetian Cream

The Venetian Cream is special in its own right, as it is a unique drink available here at CU Boulder’s very own Laughing Goat Cafe. The Venetian Cream packs a very serious caffeine punch that will wake you up and triple your energy. With this drink, I’m not entirely sure what is in it, but I do know it is caffeinated (be sure not to have this one on an empty stomach). The iced drink is surprisingly sweet and perfect for coffee drinkers who don’t typically like the taste of coffee, because (while you will most definitely feel the caffeine) you can hardly taste it.


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