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5 Clueless Inspired Outfits You Should Throw Into Your Everyday Look

Cher Horowitz, played by Alicia Silverstone in the iconic Clueless movie, has blessed the world with timeless 90’s fashion that has made a huge comeback in the last couple of years. I’ve compiled five different looks, inspired by Cher herself, that are simple, cute, and can easily be thrown into your everyday wear. Who doesn’t love to spice things up with some classic 90’s fashion?

Matchy Matchy 

First, let’s talk about her most iconic outfit in the entire movie. The matching yellow-plaid skirt and blazer have been copied by so many stores and recreated by countless women. I love how she tones down the business of the plaid with a single print sweater and plain white tee underneath. It adds differnent textures and allows the look to come together. Try matching up patterns and sticking to a single bold color like Cher does in this look, but then tone it down with something more monotone and simple. There are countless two-piece outfits you can find at any clothing store and they can be paired so well with other simple pieces that you might not wear everyday. 

Simple but Sexy

I love how she throws a sheer long sleeve over a simple white tank top and black jeans to make this look more casual. She then spruces the entire look up with some cute statement necklaces that pull the entire look together. Try finding a fancier piece that you might wear on a night out, and tone it down with some simple jeans and cute necklaces to give the outfit an everyday, easy vibe. 

Who Ever Said Fitness Clothes Couldn’t be Cute?

I love how Cher pulls three, simple, work-out friendly pieces together that make her fitness outfit cute and easy. The simple white tee and the black biker shorts pair so nicely together. To top off the look, the black tanktop that fits nicely over the white tee really brings the whole outfit together. Find some simple toned fitness pieces and work them together to feel and look fashionable, even when you’re working up a sweat. And c’mon, Dionne and Amber also look so chic in their iconic fitness apparel as well. 

Easy and Chic 

The maroon color pairing with the headband and simple dress are so easy but lead to a sophisticated and put together look. I would definitely recommend buying some cute headbands becasue they really are an easy and inexpensive way to chic up any outfit. Dionne with her matching leather skirt and jacket paired with the bold crop top underneath give her an edgy, yet girly, look. Try pairing some harcore pieces with something more feminine to lead to a contrasting look, that actually works well together. 

Textures, Textures, Textures

I absolutely love how Cher chose two neutral toned colors (white and gray) to make a completely unique outfit. The way that she has different clothing textures in every piece really gives the outfit a fun and interesting moment. Try to mix and match different textures to give any outfit the extra boost that it needs. 

Cher Horowitz has inspired so many fashion looks in my closet and I hope you can transfer them into yours as well. Match the same patterns, make your fancy pieces more casual, throw in a headband, layer different tees and textures, and always dress in a way that makes you comfortable, confident, and happy. 

Christa McReynolds

CU Boulder '23

Christa is a sophomore studying Communications with a double minor in business and sociology. She enjoys the simpler things in life. Like devouring all of the IHOP pancakes $15 can buy, watching Dance Moms so frequently that it's honestly become an addiction, and snowboarding (aka shredding the gnar) every Saturday morning.
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