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5 Best Subscription Boxes for College Girls


Have you been wanting to try those monthly subscription offers that instagram celebrities are always raving about? Me too, but I never knew which one to try. After my own personal experiences and some light research, I put together a list of my 5 favorite monthly subscriptions boxes and bags. Keep reading to see them!

1. Ipsy

Cost: $10 a month

What You Get: Five beauty samples (from leave in conditioner, to eyeliner, to bronzer)

Billing: 1st of the month

Shipment Date: About halfway through the month

Rating: 8

Ipsy is a monthly makeup and beauty product subscription that sends you five samples and a very cute little bag each month. But even better, its customizable. Ipsy works with you to send beauty samples you would actually be interested in and want to try. As it says on their website, their mission is to inspire individuals around the world to express their unique beauty. To become a subscription member, you go through a short questionnaire to find out your color scheme, your comfortability with makeup, and finally different brands and products you like. Based off of these answers, Ipsy will customize five samples each month specifically for you!

This month, their bag (pictured below)  has taken a creative twist. The theme of March is create, and they are including markers in the bags so each customer can decorate theirs how they would like. Plus, they make perfecting and cute little bags for regifting! Click this link!


2. BootayBag

Cost: $13/$7

What You Get: Two pairs or one pair of underwear a month

Billing: 15th of the month

Shipment Date: Towards the end of the month

Rating: 8

BootayBag works with women across the world to help the battle against melanoma. Each time someone posts their bag or photo with the caption #undermatters, this company donates $1 to MRF. Aside from the amazing charity aspect, their underwear is cute, comfy and affordable. Listed above is their March collection, and lucky for you, they just made major adjustments to improve the overall quality of their website, but also of the brand.

To subscribe, you can go to their website and they will walk you through all the steps.  First you can choose between receiving one or two pairs a month. From that point, you choose your style: Mix It Up, Always Thong, or Never Thong. Mix It Up will give you one thong and one regular piece of underwear while always thong gives you two thongs and never thong does the opposite. After selecting your style, you choose your size. Just this month BootayBag put in size options for XS and XL, which makes ordering underwear for any girl easy. They also give you an option to throw in a one time bralette for 14$, but you can do this at any point throughout your subscription. If you’re tired of your old boring underwear, let BootayBag send you two fun and flirty pairs each month so you’re never out of style. You won’t be able to resist dancing in your underwear.

BONUS: If you sign up using this link, you’ll receive 10% off your first month!

3. Birchbox

Cost: $10

What You Get: 5 tailored beauty samples

Billing: 1st of the month

Shipment Date: Tenth of the month

Rating: 6.5

Birchbox ia a beauty subscription box that delivers five tailored samples to match your hair, skin and even your personal fashion. You can order the subscription month by month, or choose increments of three or six months as well. This option is great because a three month birchbox subscription makes for an excellent Christmas, Birthday, anniversary or even Easter gift! The three month option is still 30$, but if you order the sixth month option, you can receive 10$ off, making six months only 50$.

What’s unique about Birchbox is their offering of boxes for men as well. Men also receive five products a month that are considered to be the best brands in the business. The women’s website can be found my clicking here and the men’s site can be easily accessed here. Finally, if you order now, you can use code GOLDEN at checkout to receive a free Smashbox Eye Shadow Duo in Golden Hour.

4. FabFitFun

Cost: $49.99 a box

What You Get: $200+ worth of beauty, food and fashion products

Billing: Depends on membership

Shipment Date: March, June, September and December

Rating: 9

Although a little pricey, this box is absolutely worth the cost. Each box is seasonal and limited edition, but also hand selected by the FabFitFun team. Once going to checkout, you have an optional to choose “Seasonal” or “Annual” billing.

Seasonal: If you choose to be a seasonal member, each box is $49.99, and you are charged the four months of the year that the box is delivered to you. 1-2 weeks before shipping, members receive a reminder email.

Annual: If you select the annual subscription, you are immediately prompted to pay a one time fee of  $179.99 for an entire year of boxes. The subscription renews each year automatically unless you decide to cancel it. Choosing this option classifies you as a “Select Member” which allows you to personalize some items in your box (like color preferences, etc) and receive your preferences based off the current season. These members also enjoy expedited shipping, which means the boxes are the first to be shipped within the priority shipping window.

I personally know this box seems expensive, especially on a college budget. But, the perks and items received are totally worth it.


4. Play! By Sephora

Cost: $10 a month

What You Get: 5 makeup samples and a free beauty bonus

Billing: First week of the month

Shipment Date: Around the 20th of the month

Rating: 7

Sephora offers a cheap and easy way to try new makeup every month. Each month, Sephora will curate a selection of five of their new and best-selling products (often that the team is most excited about) ranging from makeup and fragrances to skin and hair care. This box is a lot simpler than the others, and is really good for someone looking to enhance their beauty game.

Each box includes a collectible makeup bag, how-to videos and an exclusive invitation to PlayDate events through Sephora, but the best part is for girls already briefed in the Sephora makeup world. Each month adds 50 Sephora Insider points to your account, which can go to redeeming free makeup samples in store. If you don’t know what this is, that’s okay too! You can become a Sephora Beauty Insider by clicking here.  

So, if you’ve been wanting to try a monthly subscription box, or just step up your makeup knowledge, here are some of the best options explained for you. It’s all about making the right choice for you! I wish you luck when it comes to picking your next subscription box.


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