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Why I Don’t Want to Leave My Freshman Dorm


Moving into a dorm is a new experience for many people and we are all unsure how to feel about it. Living in the dorms for 8 months has been the best experience ever. Since I only have 3 weeks left living here, I decided it was time to reflect on my special time here. Most people will tell you the negative and that’s usually what sticks with you. I, on the other hand, like to look at the positive and appreciate the great opportunity I had by living in the dorms here at CSU!


  1. My roommate is the best ever.

Her and I selected each other without ever meeting prior to move in day. We were both cheerleaders in high school and figured out that we had many common interests. As time went on, we become more close and got to know each other a little better. We ending up rushing the same sorority and have become the bestest friends ever. I am living in the house next year and she is not, but we have promised each other to see each other! Also, you can catch us living together junior year!

2. Being on campus is super convenient.

I have a few small breaks in my day so it’s always nice to be within a 10 minute walk of main campus. I also will miss being right across from the gym because it will be a hassle to make it to the gym during the morning. Also, I have had some late labs and late exams at night and living on campus has been really helpful to not be too far from home!

3. Having food available at all times.

Although my meals will be made for me all next year, I am still bummed because we only get meals during the week. I now have food available at all times, which is super nice because I am not always hungry during lunch time and I can eat late lunch! It’s comforting to know I will still be able to grab a meal!

4. I always have someone to hang out with and never feel lonely.

You are living on a floor with about 40 people and there’s always someone home. You’ll never feel lonely because you can definitely find someone to hang out with. Next year, I am living in a house with 52 women, so I think I will have the same vibes next year.  

5. Having sleepovers every night.

During the first few months, bonding in your hall will really happen as it did in mine. We hung out in eachothers room alot and really got to know eachother. I will miss hanging out with people in my hall every night.


My advice for incoming freshman is to treasure the time you in the dorms! You should appreciate the time you have in the dorms rather than out of the dorms. Before you know it, the time to move out will come and you’ll be on your next adventure. You will never live with this group of people again in your whole life. HAVE FUN AND LOOK AT THE POSITIVES BECAUSE THEY OUTWEIGH THE NEGATIVES!

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