Nature Has Got Your Back

As I was standing on the Max bus, staring at the mountains, I happened to notice an interesting trend. Most people were on their phones, which is normal… but is it healthy? Emotional health has been a topic that has been ignored and diminished as an actual disability. Recently, through campaigning and awareness, emotional health has become less of a pill market and more of a holistic science. Emotional health matters these days. One thing I believe is leading to the detriment of people’s emotional health is the obsession culture with cell phones and media. So, I devised a few nature-related things you can do instead of looking at your phone. Nature is a magical healer and getting acquainted with her may make your life just a bit better.

  1. Look outside! This could be looking out your window with your cat, or when you’re in the car or on the bus. Noticing and appreciating your surroundings is healthy and refreshing.

  2. Whenever you pass a flower, stop and smell it. This is something I actively do and smelling beautiful flowers always gives me a burst of gratitude.

  3. Go to the bookstore, or your bookshelf and read a new book. If its raining, have the window open so you can hear the sound of nature. If it is nice out, sit near a tree.

  4. Take some time to meditate or exercise outdoors.

  5. Go for a hike or walk. Most likely your town has trails you can walk. If you are more daring, find a mountain and climb it!

  6. Have some fun bicycling around town. Maybe stop at an outdoor seated brewery…

  7. Open your window to let fresh air in, instead of lighting a bunch of toxic candles.

  8. Eat a meal that is extremely colorful and veggie-filled from a local farmers market where you shop outdoors.

Adding a little bit of nature to your life, will add so much sunshine to your soul.