How I Handle Finals Week in 7 Steps

1. Normal sleep pattern

Avoid staying up late and cramping because this has been shown to not help students. You are losing out on sleep and studying may not be retained since you are so tired.

2. Same eating pattern

Don't starve!! Eat the same meals and at the same time as best as possible because this will help you maintain a regular day.

3. Go to the gym

Exercising really helps you get things off of your mind. I recommend visiting the gym a few times over finals week as it will help you release some of the stress you have built up .

4. Start studying two weeks in advance

This will help you remember material more thoroughly and you also will not be stressed when it comes to finals week.

5. Don't go out

This should be obvious but some people end up getting sucked into going out. Don't go out it's stupid and you will regret it!

6. Avoid distractions.

Delete social media if that is what distracts you. But try to stay away from distractions while studying as it only hurts you in the end.

7. Reward yourself.

If you've been studying for 6 hours, maybe take a Netflix break and start in one hour again. This is a healthy idea.