The Best FoCo Study Spots

With the semester already a third of the way through and midterms quickly approaching, finding a place to study can be harder than ever. Here are five places you’ll definitely want to check out in order to get out of your house and study (or even have a study break):


Alley Cat

The Alley Cat not only has great coffee, but also a warm and welcoming vibe as well. This coffee shop is not just a great place to do homework, but a perfect spot to see an in-depth look at Fort Collin’s social scene. There’s always new people, new art, and a lot going on. Although this coffee shop isn’t the quietest spot in FoCo, the yummy snacks and delicious drinks definitely make up for it. The Alley Cat is very popular- which is good when you’re looking for study partners, but not so great when there are no tables left. I definitely recommend getting a Chai here and getting there early to grab a table!


The Oval

When the weather warms up and the grass gets greener, the Oval is a great, calm and quiet place to go and escape from campus while still being right next to your classes! This location pairs up nicely with a new book and a big blanket to sit on. Due to the vast amount of space, finding a place to sit at is never an issue. Another great perk is that there’s often a few dogs around as well. The Oval is perfect for those who are looking for a quiet, secluded place to study outdoors.



This study location is for the adventurous side in all of us. Horsetooth Lake provides a taste of the mountain life without having to take too long of a hike. There are lots of places to set up a blanket and open a notebook. Not to mention, every spot has a great and motivational view of the beautiful Rocky Mountains. Mini hikes or wading in the water is the perfect way to take a quick study break and get your mind flowing again to finish that homework assignment. Just don’t forget to bring a water bottle to stay hydrated!


The Lib

The CSU Library is a perfect place to study if you’re looking to stay on campus and remain focused. There are plenty of tables, couches, and study rooms available to find the perfect spot. The library is also ideal for group projects or to meet up with friends. The Cube is open 24/7 and Krazy Karl’s delivers here, making it a great spot for any late-night study sessions.



Starbucks is a staple study spot on many college campuses. With quite a few locations around Campus, there’s plenty of options available depending on your preference of scenery. Starbucks is great for those of us who depend on Wi-Fi to study and enjoy a warm Americano or chilly Frappuccino. Starbucks is usually a busy place, but the noise level stays relatively low with a very productive atmosphere, making it an ideal study spot for college kids.