6 Simple Ways to a Better Lifestyle

1. Drink water with all meals instead of other drinks

We don't realize that liquid calories are a huge part of our diet and if we eliminate those we could live a better lifestyle (Plus, your body needs the water!!). Its an overall win-win effect.

2. Do not consume meals after 7pm

Your body digests food better when you are active and moving through the day, so it is best to eat prior to your relaxing time.

3. Walk places!

I know driving seems so much easier, but walking is good for your body. It gets your heart rate going and strengthens your heart.

4. Eat small snacks throughout the day

Your body always needs energy and starving your body does the exact opposite! Your body is more likely to save fat if you do not eat, which is why eating small snacks throughout the day will minimize fat storing.

5. Eat nutrient dense foods

Maximize your calories! Make sure you are taking in great nutrients with you food. We tend to eat foods high in calories but low in nutrients, but we should do the opposite to improve our health!

6. When eating do not focus on anything else.

When we focus on other things while eating we tend to not pay attention when we are full and this causes for us to overeat, but it can easily be stopped by not multitasking while eating.


    TAKE CARE OF YOURSELVES RAMS!! The key to a good life is being healthy!