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10 Reasons Why You Should Go To CSU

10 Reasons Why You Should Go To CSU

Colorado State University is the perfect college if you’re looking for life long friends, a diverse community, and nature filled days! But if you need just a couple more reasons why, this is the article for you!


The New Stadium

  • If you haven’t heard, Colorado State just constructed their brand new stadium on campus this school year! Not only is it super convenient, but beautifully constructed and perfect for all the football pictures you’ll be taking at the games! You’ll never want to miss a game here and all football tickets are free for students!

The Diversity Offices

  • One thing CSU prides itself in is it’s celebration of different cultures and backgrounds that our students bring to campus! With offices like Black African American Cultural Center (BAACC), Asian Pacific American Cultural Center (APACC), El Centro, Native American Cultural Center (NAAC), Women and Gender Advocacy Center, and many more show just how diverse our school is! They’re constantly holding events and getting students of EVERY background to join them! No matter you’re background, they’re excited to welcome any Ram to their organization!


The Mountains

  • Just look to the west to see a breathtaking view of our CSU mountains. Waking up in the morning and seeing the sunrise is a feeling you can only get here. It’s a reminder why you chose Colorado and how nature is only a couple miles a way.


Old Town

  • Did you know that Disney’s Main Street U.S.A was based off of Fort Collins Old Town? This little area will take your heart with lights and fountains to make any day better. The restaurants are amazing and shops full of knick knacks and fun are always to be found!


Horsetooth Reservoir

  • On hot spring/summer days, the Horsetooth Reservoir is where you want to be. You can walk your dog, swim for hours, or just hike anytime you’d like. Not to mention the Graffiti Cave, which is at the end of Horsetooth Road and perfect for exploring!


The Oval

  • The heart and pride of CSU has always been in the oval. This historical site holds classes and offices vital for the success of our school. It’s perfect to have picnics with your friends or hammock after a long day of classes!


Undergraduate Research

  • Education is the reason we decide to pursue college. Colorado State has a highly acclaimed undergraduate research program that encourages students from all around the world to attend. We have third in the country for Veterinarian School and have numerous graduate research studies that look great on any resume!


On Campus Bar

  • I couldn’t believe it either when I hear about this. Ramskeller Pub & Grub is our on campus bar located right under the Lory Student Center. It provides beer from our own brewery and typical bar snacks that help relieve any stress class and finals have given you. Drink responsibly and remember, Ramskeller takes a staggering amount of fake IDs! 


Cam the Ram

  • OK, but really? How cute is he? Cam the Ram is our furry friend that is all of our joy and pride. He’s always ready to smile for the camera and welcome all the students on campus! You can catch him at any big event with his friendly handlers leading our school pride!


Greek Life

  • I can definitely tell you that our school’s Greek life is a great place to find a home away from home. Though our Greek system is not as big as most would think, it’s still a super exciting part of campus that anyone is encouraged to join! Besides the typical panhellenic councils, we also have the Divine Nine which is the multicultural houses as well!


Current first year student at CSU. Pursuing a degree in Zoology with the hopes of becoming a Veterinarian.
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