How to Survive Ithaca Winter

Welcome back Cornellians!


Ah, who doesn’t love this time of year: the snow, the sleet, the petitions to have snow days. Can't beat that. Whether you come from the sunny state of California or even the state of Alaska, you'll want to know what to do to survive Ithaca winter.


Live on West Campus?

Well, that sucks. We all know how arduous the slope can be without the snow and rain, but now with the persistent snowfall there is not much that can make the slope more impossible to face in the early morning walks to class. This is when the bus pass comes in handy — however, you will have to prepare for disappointment when the bus says its "too full" and then zooms pass you.




Sledding and Skiing?

However hard it is to climb the slope, there is also the fact that it makes a great slope for skiing and snow tubing. So grab your friends and a makeshift snow tube and slide down the slope for some wintry fun.



Snow Day Petitions.

Before last year, Cornell hadn't had a snow day in 20 years, and then when we did get one, the snowfall was disappointing to say the least. This year, upwards of 5,000 students signed a petition to cancel classes in order to protect Cornelians and save them from below freezing temperatures. While it didn't work, it was nice hoping that with the collective action of students might have cancelled classes.


Fun Cold Activities

What is Cornell known for? That’s right, hockey! So grab your best buddies, head on down to Lynah Rink, and see the only sport that students actually pay to see. On the rink is where the Big Red Pride shows up and will be the only color in sight.



So enjoy the winter because it's here to stay. Stay warm out there and try to not to slip!