Food for Thought: Big Red Barn

The Food:

Portabello Panini


1) Portabello Panini (VG), $6.99

“Marinated portabello mushrooms, caramelized onions, Swiss cheese, garlic aioli, on multigrain sunflower bread”

  • Taste: 4/5

  • Value: 4/5


2) Cubano Panini, $7.49

“BBQ pork, sliced ham, Swiss cheese, garlic aioli, spicy brown mustard, and dill pickles on multigrain sunflower bread”

  • Taste: 4/5

  • Value: 4/5



The Thoughts:


It’s difficult for me to eat anything in the Big Red Barn and dislike it just because everything else about the place is charming: it’s tucked away behind the A.D. White House, enclosed by gardens, and is surprisingly quiet even during peak lunch times, during which its greenhouse and mezzanine space are largely unoccupied. 


Brandon and I both got sandwiches (my old suitemates, the usual co-stars of this weekly review, recommended the sandwiches) and split them, so I got to have my opinion on both.


I really like the portabello mushroom sandwich. It probably helps that I love paninis and mushrooms and have no objections with adding melted Swiss cheese to the mixture. I glimpsed a good range of caffeine options by the counter as well, which was a promising sight — maybe worth a return visit in the near future. My 4/5 rankings are surprisingly high given that this is campus food we are talking about, but I think the sandwiches are a real step up from Goldie’s, which was the first comparison Brandon made. You don’t get the same cozy atmosphere in PSB.


If you aren’t concerned about selection and just want to get your food quickly and eat in peace, I’ve got the perfect campus spot for you.


Summary: I love paninis and this is catered to me.

Would I come back? Catch me studying here every lunch break, honestly.