5 Ways to Chill Out after a Stressful Week

The week after Spring Break is always a tough one. You just get back to campus from your blissful week off and suddenly you’re slammed with prelims, assignments, and just about everything a week of work at Cornell can throw at you. When the week is over though, you’re going to need a nice de-stress session. Here are some ways to chill out after a super busy week:

  1. 1. Read a book

    Books can transport you out of your hectic world and into a wildly imaginative, fantastical one. From high fantasy to cozy contemporaries, you have your pick of relaxing destinations to take your mind off things for a little while.

  2. 2. Give yourself a mani/pedi

    Maybe don’t spend as much as Paulette, but giving yourself a quick manicure and/or pedicure can be the cure to a lot of running around and stressing. It’s a nice 20 minutes of just sitting down and focusing on something so simple that’ll make you feel fabulous afterward.

  3. 3. Binge-watch your favorite show on Netflix

    Streaming your favorite TV shows is your friend! Not when you’re procrastinating on work, but as a reward for all your hard work all week. Sit down and watch some Parks & Rec or whatever strikes your fancy.

  4. 4. Eat out with friends

    Everybody needs to eat! So you might as well take a little extra time out of your day to wind down with your besties over a nice meal. There are so many great places to eat out or order-in in Ithaca.

  5. 5. Get organized

    Make like Amy Santiago and organize your life! A nice room redecoration or desk clean-up can be just what the doctor ordered to prepare yourself for what’s bound to be another jam-packed week next week.

Keep calm and relax!