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It’s officially fall, and you know what that means…. It’s the perfect season to go on a Hot Girl Walk! Everyone has their idea of the perfect soundtrack for their stroll, from podcasts, to music, to audiobooks. Here are some of our recommendations for the perfect Hot Girl Walk: 

My love for the reality show Dance Moms has returned with Christi and Kelly’s new podcast Back to the Barre. Anyone who has seen the TV show and loved this iconic mom duo will definitely be entertained by this new series! Christi and Kelly go through each episode of the show while sipping on some fun cocktails and dishing out behind the scenes secrets and reactions to dances. Back to the Barre will definitely give anyone who has a guilty pleasure for Dance Moms a new funny podcast for their Hot Girl Walks. 

  • Maria Sell ‘23

When I’m on a Hot Girl Walk, there is nothing I love more than listening to Normal Gossip. This podcast is hosted by journalist and author Kelsey McKinney who shares anonymous gossip from around the world. The gossip Kelsey shares with her guests each week is nothing like the gossip we’re used to hearing. It is bigger, it is better, and it will always have you shocked and laughing. Normal Gossip also normalizes our relationships with gossip, acknowledging that while gossip can be harmful, it isn’t always a bad thing. While it is always a great idea to start a podcast at the beginning, my favorite episode is Season 1 Episode 5: “Leave ‘em a Little Bit Broke, a Little Bit Mad with Laci Mosley.” If you need a new podcast to binge, you cannot go wrong with Normal Gossip.

  • Marina Jacob ‘25

My personal goal of going on a Hot Girl Walk is to clear my head of stress or worry. In order to do this, I love to listen to an uplifting song, podcast, or an intriguing audiobook. My go-to podcast for this is Goes Without Saying, hosted by Persephone Deacon and Erin Mariali, or more commonly known to listeners as Sephy and Wing. The two hosts sit down to record a chit-chat conversation about topics that often get overlooked: body image issues, social burnout, imposter syndrome, and everything in between. Though serious topics are discussed, the two hosts tell stories and jokes to make listeners feel as if they are out to coffee, chatting and ranting with their best friends. My favorite part of the podcast is how relatable it is, and how it normalizes feeling insecure, having a bad day, or coping with humor. If you listen to Goes Without Saying on your hot girl walk, you will end up with a fresh and at-ease mind!

  • Katie Madow ‘25

I have never been a podcast person due to my lack of an attention span and addiction to music. However, this summer I stumbled upon Smartless: a podcast that invites celebrity guests to conversate with the hosts and celebrate shared experiences and storytelling. The podcast is hosted by, arguably, three of the funniest comedians our generation has seen: Arrested Development stars Jason Bateman and Will Arnett, and also Will and Grace’s Sean Hayes. This podcast has me laughing out loud and widely smiling as I listen to it. I listened to an episode with guest star Chris Pratt and learned that he was working at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. in Hawaii when he got “discovered.” This podcast will give you insight and background to the famous faces you love, while also giving you the priceless gift of laughter. This podcast has converted me: I am officially a listener of both music and comedy podcasts.

  • Meredith Harper ‘24
Maria Sell

Conn Coll '23

Maria (she/her/hers) is a senior at Connecticut College studying American Studies and Sociology and is from the San Francisco Bay Area. She loves getting to play on the Women's Water Polo Team with her teammates here and enjoys reading, baking, and coaching water polo outside of school!
Meredith Harper

Conn Coll '24

Meredith Harper is a junior at Connecticut College. She loves to write, listen to music, and hangout with friends.
Katie Madow

Conn Coll '25

Hi! I’m Katie Madow and I am a sophomore at Conn. I'm a psych major!