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Hello everyone, 

…and we are back! For those of you who don’t know me, it’s your homegirl Kiara. I am now a sophomore at Connecticut College. I know. For those of you who do know me, wassup! I miss you! How’s your rash doing? TMI?

Not being from the east coast made me miss my home a lot. Luckily, I live in a common interest floor that reminds me of home. I also am very fortunate to live next to my bestie, Mary.  Yes, living at Conn is a very cozy environment. Now, let’s Check Out My (cozy) Crib! Please leave your shoes at the door. 

The first thing you will see when walking into my dorm are my two giant flags. I really am proud of where I come from so having these flags up is very important to me. Oh, and my teddy bear is there, too! 


I am able to do homework in my room because of this desk. Ode to this desk. Some bins are filled with books and binders. Hello, Italian textbook. 

I really don’t know what to call this. I guess it’s just a Kiara Resting section. So, yeah. Here is my resting spot. My bestie, Mary, usually comes in and sits down here to do homework. 
I left so many of my books at home, so I am slowly trying to regain my own library.
Next is my Oprah Magazine Basket. Yes, I have an Oprah magazine collection. No, I didn’t steal them from a doctor’s office. I think everyone needs some kind of Oprah in their everyday life. 

Of course, college students need caffeine. I have a bunch of tea bags and K-Cups. I often have friends come over and invite them to my little café (Keurig). 

I think that’s it, folks. Thanks for checking out my crib. Kiara out! 


Professional Oprah Enthusiast.  Otra Gordita Latina.  Xicana de Chicago.  I like to think my life is an NBC sitcom. Theatre and Anthropology Major with an English Minor.  Connecticut College Class of 2021.   
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