Tips to Make the Most out of Your Summer

Although we are entering finals season at Connecticut College, most students are already in summer mode and thinking about their summer internships. Summers create opportunities to pursue an activity/internship/hobby that you are passionate about but do not have the time during the academic school year. While the Her Campus Conn Coll Staff will be moving to different parts of the country (or even outside the country) and pursuing internships in different fields, we hope to give you a glimpse of our internship opportunities (or lack thereof) so you can get some ideas on what you can do to make it a spectacular and productive summer session. Here we go:


“This summer, I will be doing research under a sociology professor at Columbia University. At the program, I will also be learning about how to navigate graduate school applications and the process. This is the first time I will be in NYC for more than a week. I am thrilled to live in the city and determine whether I can see myself living in the city. This summer, I will be using my free time to start, and hopefully get halfway through writing a honors thesis for the sociology department at Connecticut College. Therefore, my tip for you is to start writing big papers that you know you have to complete for the following academic year. That way, there will be less pressure and you will be able to complete the literature review ahead of time because we all know senior year is hectic.” -Viangely Asencio ‘20


“I was awarded a Critical Language Scholarship from the US State Department, so I will be spending the summer in Tangier, Morocco studying Arabic. The program is extremely intensive, and we are expected to learn the equivalent of one year of university-level Arabic in just two months! So needless to say, I am a little nervous… but also very excited! My advice for the summer is to read a book every two weeks or every month or whatever your schedule permits. It’s so tempting to just zone out and binge-watch your favorite show on Netflix after a long day at work - especially if you’re not paid! But getting in the habit of reading regularly will make you a better writer, a faster reader, and just generally more prepared when the next semester starts up again. Plus, nothing makes you sound more grown up and put-together than saying you read an actual book over the vacation!” - Ann Monk ‘21


“For once I will be doing something more productive with my summer than binge-watching three Netflix shows and eating as much ice cream as possible – although I still believe this is a great summer routine. I will be interning at the Museum in Fine Arts in Boston, MA where I will work under the Public Relations Department. I will also be working at the clothing store Madewell to make money on the side (as the internship is unpaid … and coffee is expensive). In addition, I hope to cook and bake, spend time with my friends, do a little traveling locally and domestically, read, and catch up recommended movies, TV shows, and podcasts. Not to mention, plan as many day trips to the beach as possible. I think that it is important to a have a balanced summer with work and play because as much as it is important to build your resume and gain experience in the work field, you also want to relax and recharge for the following academic year.” - Elizabeth Berry '21


“I am still in the process of figuring out internship logistics because my main preoccupation will be undergoing jaw surgery to correct my underbite. The impending surgery has definitely been stressful due to anticipating the process itself and the various pre-op appointments with my surgeon and orthodontist, but also because I knew it would limit my internship prospects and I did not want to ‘waste’ the summer. The internship application process has been extremely frustrating, especially since many places seemed hesitant about hiring an intern (even an unpaid one) who will have to take 2-3 weeks off. For a while, I expected to not get an internship, and I joked that I could put my jaw surgery on my resumé, calling it a residency at a hospital in which I shadowed an orthognathic surgeon. In anticipation of my bedridden summer, I tried to stock up on relevant experiences during the academic year. While my situation is relatively unique, that’s a piece of advice I would give anyone; don’t wait until summer internship season, start targeting potential career interests through clubs, Community Partnerships, and on-campus jobs. While I was lucky enough to get an internship offer, my main focus is my health and my recovery. (I am purposely omitting the specifics of my positions; what’s more important is my procedure and what I have learned in the process). There is a lot of pressure to secure a prestigious internship during the summer, especially as a liberal arts student. With a major that does not directly translate to my career aspirations, gaining relevant experience is extremely important. However, as my mom reminded me, a three-month undergrad internship is only a small fraction of my career trajectory and will not make or break my prospects in the workforce. For those who are not pursuing an impressive, resume-building summer experience, for medical reasons or not, I want to remind you that it is completely okay. Your worth is not defined by your productivity.” - Samantha Barth ‘21


“As a senior graduating in a very short amount of time, the summer ahead is both daunting and exciting for me. It is daunting to move back home after graduation without any concrete employment plans, as I feel this is seen as a failure when the goal is to have a super impressive job in a cool city by the time you graduate. However, I am excited to continue the job search process without having to balance it with finals and all of the year-end activities. I know it will be temporary, as I plan to move away from home in the fall, thus I want to take advantage of the time I have to catch up with family and friends close to home. I am excited to read for fun, which I never get to do during the school year, and just rejuvenate in general in order to be the best employee I can be when I do secure a job.” - Carolyn Cross ’19  


“I am interning at a local magazine on Martha’s Vineyard, writing weekly articles and scripts for a web show and hopefully working for Lilly Pulitzer in Osterville (fingers crossed!). Although I am excited to spend the summer on the Cape, I am starting to feel some FOMO because my friends and boyfriend will be back in Metrowest where I live in the offseason. My tip for this summer is to travel! As of right now, I am going to Nova Scotia in Canada, Oregon, and hopefully Chicago. Even if traveling means taking a road trip up to Maine for the day or going to visit family in another state, getting out of the house and seeing new things will make your summer memorable.” -Mary Sherwin ‘21