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Ten Hacks for a Healthy New Year

1. Striving for a better memory? Head to the gym to flex your muscles and you’ll be flexing your brainpower as well. The Science Of Us explains how just 20 minutes of lifting can improve your memory.

2. Get Your Drink On. By this we mean water. On an average day you are suppose to drink half your body weight in ounces of water a day. Example: Weigh in at 130 pounds? 65 ounces of water is your dose.

3. Follow these five celebrity trainers for motivation inspiration. @balletbeautiful @annamkaiser @davidkirsch @asmfit @ashleybordenfitness – you’ll get everything from inspiration quotes to great work out gear, and a push to get that booty on the move.

4. Treat Yourself. Do at least one thing a day for yourself! Take a nail painting break, read a book you’re just interested in, get your cuddle on, whatever it is you need for yourself take at least 30 minutes to do it.

5. A lemon a day. According to Self Magazine kale is so last year. This year it is time to focus on the benefits of warm lemon water. From contributing to weight loss, hydration and digestion hot lemon water should be your new morning go to.

6. Work to be stress free with these tips. Break up your day: two hours for this, three hours for that, so your whole day isn’t spent with your mind overwhelmed by one giant list of things that need to be done. Break them up, plan them out. It has comes down to scheduling your time spent on social media. Do not waste time scrolling your Instagram or Twitter feed over and over; take a five-minute social media break every so often. Take slow breaths. Something everyone can do but most people forget about. Slow breathing can help us get rid of stressors and calm our heartbeat.

7. Surround yourself with the people you love. Don’t waste your time in company you do not enjoy, life’s too short. Happiness is a choice. By surrounding yourself with people you love you are not only guaranteed a good time, but you are spending your time wisely.

8. Google “pets cuddling.” Not only will this count as a five-minute technology break to your day, but it is bound to put a smile on your face and get you in a good mood. Sometimes all you need to see is a cute puppy getting spooned by a kitty to see true love.

9. Switch it up. Tired of what you wear? The color of your hair? The same old shoes in your closet? Try something new! Grab an item of clothing you never thought you would wear before and rock it. Chances are it was made for you and that purchase will be your new go to item.

10. Skip the resolutions just make a list of some really simple things you’ve always wanted to do but never get around to and get them done. Not only will you feel accomplished but also you’ll have things you remember doing and really enjoying.


Here’s to a great year from your Her Campus Girls! 

Sophie Furman is a current senior at Conn Coll majoring in Sociology and interested in the fashion industry. 
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