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To The Summer Roommates of My College Roommate

To the three new roommates of my college roommate,

Her favorite number is pi.

She looks best in maroon but doesn’t like the color very much.

She has 5 siblings, 2 nieces, and 2 nephews.

She went to a performing arts high school so she REALLY knows her stuff.

She’s double jointed. She might not tell you this but you’ll know when you hear her crack her hip then her back then her ankle all in a span of 30 seconds.

She loves ice cream, tacos, bagels, and coffee. Not necessarily in that order but have them ready at all times. Oh! And popcorn.

Make friends with Ica on Facetime. If you’re lucky, you’ll get to talk to her a lot. 

She takes hot sauce wherever she goes. Even if you are going for Italian or Chinese food.

Always compliment her socks because she puts a lot of effort into picking them out every day.

When she says chanclas she means flip flops, sandals, Birkenstocks, etc.

If she runs out of moisturizer, please let her borrow some of yours. It’s better for everyone.

Do not offer her Tabasco or Cholula.

If she seems Conn-sick, similar to homesick but for Conn, ask her about me, or Tony, or Isma, or Ian, or Alex, or A.T., or Ana, or Rocio, or Sydney. That list should keep you busy for a while but if you need more names just text me.

Always be willing to take photos of her, even if she is crying or sleepy or just came back from the gym. She loves to hold on to memories. The good, the bad and the ugly.

Never tell her to stop singing, mainly because it sounds beautiful, but also because it’s her way of telling you she’s happy.

Introduce her to new things like where you’re from or your favorite restaurant in Minneapolis.

And last but not least, never tell her goodbye. If you leave for the weekend or she leaves for the weekend, tell her that you’ll see her soon. She doesn’t like goodbyes.

With all my love,

Kiara’s college roommate


I am a sophomore at Connecticut College studying sociology in hopes of becoming a journalist/activist.
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