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The Pros and Cons of the Chipotle Health Crisis (and why we are still going to go there)

We’ve all been worried lately about the problems Chipotle has been having with the health risks of their food. Is Chipotle going to close?? Should I even be going to Chipotle right now?? Where will we get our burritos?? Fear not young Chipotle-lovers! We’ve compiled a list of the pros and cons of eating Chipotle, and to be completely honest, we’re still going to eat there because Chipotle is bae.

Pro: Chipotle is an amazing place (and in our opinion the best place to go for burritos). There is some combination of ingredients that is good for anyway.

Con: There is the slight fear Chipotle’s food will still make you sick. Their recent problems with e. coli and norovirus were really concerning (although it did not stop some of our members from getting Chipotle on a weekly basis).

Pro: The lines have been really short! We hate getting to Chipotle and seeing the mile long lines!

Con: On February 8th Chipotle closed its doors for a food safety day, so we are sad about not being able to go to Chipotle for a day.

Pro: As an apology they offered free burrito coupons to anyone who wanted one!
Pro: This experience has shown that Chipotle is dedicated to providing safe and healthy food to its dedicated customers do that we can continue to eat burritos every day!!

Pro: Burritos Burritos Burritos

Go enjoy your burritos and burrito bowls and tacos and quesadilla everyone! We’ll be first in line!

Jessica is a junior at Connecticut College, but she is originally from Massachusetts. She is double majoring in English and Environmental Studies with the the hope of pursuing a career in environmental communications. She loves poetry (especially Emily Dickinson), pop punk music, and her puppy Eli. 
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