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Productive Study Breaks To Take During Finals

Whether we like it or not, finals season is unfortunately upon us. We dread this time all semester, but know it’s inevitable. We all remember how terrible it is to sit in one spot for hours on end studying for that exam or finishing that final paper, but if you mix in some productive break times, it won’t seem so bad! Here are some ideas for potential study breaks!

1) Clean your room or start packing

When you’re feeling like you need to leave your books for a little bit, try doing something that you have to do anyway. Although cleaning your room sounds daunting, try listening to some of your favorite music or watching one of your favorite movies or shows to make it seem like more of a break. You can even start packing your stuff up to go home, which is always something exciting to look forward to!

2) Eat a good meal

Use dinnertime or lunchtime as one of your break times. Make something special for yourself or treat yourself to something that you love, but maybe wouldn’t normally eat. If you spend this time with friends, it serves as a good way to distance yourself from all of your assignments.

3) Go for a walk in the arboretum or go to the gym

Despite popular belief, it is still important to get some exercise or fresh air even while studying for finals. If you don’t have the time to get all the way to the gym (or that’s simply not appealing), then head over to the Arbo and take a stroll!

4) Plan a movie night or plan to spend a few hours with friends

If you plan something fun to do at night with friends or at some point during your studying, it will give you something to look forward. Having something exciting on the horizon makes studying for finals a little less daunting.

5) Take a nap (but briefly)

If you feel the need to sleep during the day while studying for finals, you should definitely take a nap. Make sure not to nap for longer than about 30 minutes because it will make you groggy and unproductive later on.

6) Attend the events around campus

There are plenty of events during finals that are designed as study breaks. If you go, you will likely be able to take free food, which is always a plus!

Good luck on finals, Camels!

Francesca is a senior at Connecticut College double majoring in Biology and Italian. She is from Bethany, CT and is a huge Friends and Greys Anatomy enthusiast!
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