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It is no secret that podcasts have become increasingly popular, and we are here to tell you that there is a reason for that. Although we love listening to music as much as the next person, sometimes it’s nice to listen to people talk. Similar to how popular radio stations used to be, podcasts create a unique listening experience that highlights conversation and discussion. And you can find a podcast about anything from food to music, from life as a female college student to everyday conversations between friends. 

Here’s a list of our favorite podcasts that we wholeheartedly recommend, whether you have never listened to one before or if you’re adding your 50th to your Spotify playlist.

Food Heaven

If you read my column on college food culture, it will probably come as no surprise that my favorite podcast is Food Heaven. Hosted by best friends and registered dietitian nutritionists Jessica Jones and Wendy Lopez, the podcast delves into intuitive eating, body positivity, and mental health. Each week they interview experts in the health and nutrition fields, answer listeners’ questions, and share experiences from their own lives. I have been listening to their podcast for a couple months now, and I am always excited each Wednesday to listen to their newest episode.

– Elizabeth Berry ‘21

Working Title

A podcast by the fashion and lifestyle queen herself, Margot Lee, Working Title is the perfect podcast to go with your morning coffee or on a quick walk to class. The podcast only launched this past January but has quickly made it to the top of my list. Each episode is only around fifteen minutes long which makes it easy to listen to without interruptions. The podcast focuses on all things about growing up after college and navigating the “real world,” which is helpful for any college student thinking about the future. I highly recommend this informative and enjoyable listen; it has become such a staple for me each week!

– Sophie Zakin ‘24

Switched on Pop

Switched On Pop is one of those podcasts where I just completely enjoy every episode I put on. Every Tuesday, songwriter Charlie Harding and musicologist Nate Sloan dive into the trends in pop music and what makes certain songs so catchy. Some weeks they explore the changes in the music itself, like a recent episode on how streaming services and Tik Tok are changing the structure of music, and in others they will break down the components of specific hit songs. I will say that I know next to nothing about music theory, but these guys always do a great job at explaining things like chord progressions and keys in a way that is super easy to understand. But don’t worry, if that technical side isn’t your thing, they spend plenty of time discussing the feeling of the songs, too. They also often have musical guests on the show for interviews, including Lizzo, Carly Rae Jepsen, and Lauv. For me, Switched On Pop is a go to when I want the fun energy from a pop song but don’t feel like listening to music. 

– Caitlin Boyd ‘24

Pretty Basic

If you are on the Lifestyle section of YouTub,e you have probably heard of Pretty Basic. It is hosted by two youtubers, Remi Cruz (@MissRemiAshton) and Alisha Marie (@AlishaMarie). They are best friends, and they basically talk about their lives. As they are in their twenties, they talk about dating + boys,  being more confident, the ups and downs and friendships, and just maturing through your twenties in general. As a twenty year old myself, I find the podcast so relatable, and I get so many tips on what to do and not to do as I become a woman in this world, and it’s just good vibes all around. I have literally listened to every episode and have been there from the start. I recommend it for any woman in college.

– Elyce Afrifa ‘22

What’s Good with Miniminter and Randolph

If you know who the Sidemen are or KSI, you probably have heard of this podcast. The Youtuber Simon (@Miniminter) and producer Randolph are just two really good friends who have turned their regular day to day conversations into a podcast. Simon is a part of the YouTube group the Sidemen, a group of seven male Youtubers who make funny videos together. I highly recommend checking out their channel. Randolph, while not in the Sidemen, is a good friend of the group and as a music producer has collaborated with many members to make songs, including KSI, who you have probably heard of. They talk about everything from the Sidemen videos to just what’s going on in the world at the moment. I enjoy it, and if you are really into all sectors of YouTube, then What’s Good is for you.

– Elyce Afrifa ‘22

Thirst Aid Kit

The Thirst Aid Kit is hosted by two Black women named Bim Adewunmi and Nichole Perkins. They basically do what their podcast is called: they thirst. They usually talk about a man and how they are attractive, but they also get into who the men are. For example, they did an episode on Marvel Men; this included actors, like Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston and Sebastian Stan. They went through the men’s work from the beginning of their career, critiqued it, and actually shared some really good insights and opinions into why they have a sex appeal. I think it’s a good balance between thirsting over these men and actually getting into who these men are. They even did an episode interviewing Chris Evans, which was so respectful and funny and just so well done. They also always end their episodes with a fanfiction, so if you grew up in the age of Wattpad, this podcasts seems up your alley. This podcast did end in September 2020, but episodes are still available.

– Elyce Afrifa ‘22

We Said What We Said With Rickey and Denzel

This is a podcast hosted by the iconic Denzel Dion and Rickey Thompson. Need I say more. These are Instagram and YouTube personalities. They describe their show as “bold advice, hot takes, and risque storytelling,” and that is exactly what it is. As the title states, We Said What We Said.

– Elyce Afrifa ‘22

Elyce’s Podcast Honorable Mentions

These are podcasts that I haven’t had a chance to listen to enough to recommend, but they have great reviews and what I have listened to so far is really good.  

Call Her Daddy: Hosted by Alex Cooper. it’s a show about sex and social scenes, and it’s funny and unapolegtic.  

The Model Health Show: Hosted by Shawn Stevenson, a world renown author and nutritionist. The Model Health Show is rated the #1 Podcast for health. Stevenson wrote the famous book, Sleep Smarter, which has helped so many people sleep better. He gives advice on weight loss, chronic fatigue, heart disease, diet, exercise, sex, hormones, sleep problems, and all the health problem you want to know about.

The MCAT Podcast: For all those future doctors out there, I have seen this podcast recommended for people who plan on taking the MCAT. I have heard it’s super helpful. 

– Elyce Afrifa ‘22

Elizabeth Berry

Conn Coll '21

Elizabeth Berry is an English and Italian Studies double major at Connecticut College with a passion for journalism. She enjoys overnight oats, traveling to new cities, and reading the night away.
Sophie Zakin

Conn Coll '24

Sophie Zakin is a first-year at Conn from Providence, Rhode Island. She is currently undecided but excited to see where her journey at Conn will take her! She enjoys writing about fashion, lifestyle, and food. In her free time, she loves to travel, spend time outside, and try new restaurants with friends.
Caitlin Boyd

Conn Coll '24

Caitlin Boyd is a sophomore at Connecticut College studying neuroscience. She loves writing everything from book recs, to music reviews, to campus life experiences! If you see Caitlin around Conn, she is probably looking fascinated by the campus squirrels.
Elyce Afrifa

Conn Coll '22

I was born and raised in Bronx, NY. I attended Herbert H Lehman High School where she participated in an acting club. I currently attend Connecticut College in New London, CT where I plans to major in biology and minor in theater. I am also on the Women's Rugby Team and apart of Wig and Candle the acting club here. I also am a big fan of many TV shows, Shameless, The Flash and Big Brother to name a few.
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