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A few weeks before spring break, we noticed there was a change at the gym—namely, it was a lot more crowded and anxiety ridden as everyone was buckling down on their fitness routines in preparation for swimsuit season. Luckily, we had signed up for an amazing program from O2 MAX Fitness called the Spring Break Tune Up plan! For 10 days leading up to spring break, we received a newsletter-type email with specific workouts, links to inspirational articles, and a daily tip on health and nutrition. This program was the perfect way to get in shape without the chaos and stress of the gym because all of the workouts could be done in a dorm room! After 10 days, we felt confident because the work outs really gave a boost to our metabolisms and our bodies felt tight and toned.

O2 MAX Fitness is an amazing program because it is tailored specifically for busy college students. It is affordable, easy to access on your phone or email, easy to do (we’re all about fun and easy moves that work!), can be done anywhere (we did a few of our faves in the library one night!), and gives a boost of energy you can’t get from a simple cardio routine.

Besides the 10 Day Accelerator program and the Spring Break Tune Up, O2 MAX Fitness offers a monthly membership program: the MAXbox Monthly Membership. This program offers an affordable and personalized plan for fitness and nutrition. The trainers of the fitness team will modify the routine based on a questionnaire you fill out describing your goals, schedule, injuries, and any preferences. We love O2 MAX Fitness because it’s like having a personal trainer in our dorm room!! 

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Rachel is a senior, economics major at Connecticut College and the Campus Correspondent for Conn's Her Campus Chapter! She started writing for Her Campus during her junior year and fell in love with the website and the amazing group of girls. In addition to Her Campus, Rachel is on the Executive Board of the Student Activities Council as the Director of Public Relations, so she stays very busy at Conn! Rachel is originally from Washington, DC, but plans on moving to New York after graduation, where she has lived the past few summers due to her internships with Versace and Burson-Marsteller. Besides keeping busy with school and activities, Rachel enjoys watching Scandal, eating sushi, reading anything by Malcolm Gladwell, listening to Songza, and having the best senior year with her friends! 
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