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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Conn Coll chapter.

Trying to get fit? We all know it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but with all the pressures of college, it can be hard to stay on track all the time. We find that it is much easier to stay healthy when it is fun rather than a burden! Here are some of our favorite things to make working out and eating healthy easy and fun!  


Map My Run- This app helps track where you’ve run, how far, and how many calories you’ve burned. It also has an automated coach to tell you your pace, so don’t be freaked out when you’re jogging, jammin’ to some Britney and a random voice says, “Your distance is two miles.”

Food Tripping- Do you think it’s hard to find healthy places to eat when you’re road-tripping? Well you’re right–it is hard! Luckily for you, this app finds nearby healthy places to eat, be it farmers markets, juice places, vegan/vegetarian restaurants, or just a simple coffee place– this app has it all!


Sportline heart rate watch- We love, love, love this watch.  Not only does it track your heart rate, but it also tells you how many calories you’ve burned in a workout. You can find it at Dick’s Sporting Goods or online!  It comes with a chest-strap, which is a little awkward at first, but you’ll get used to it. It’s about $50 which may seem a little pricey, but compared to other watches it’s relatively cheap and totally worth it if you’ll use it consistently.

Beyoncé Bottle– C’mon now, who doesn’t love Beyoncé?  Getting in shape and eating healthy can be hard, and sometimes it might seem freakin’ impossible, but just knowing that you have the same hours in a day as Queen B will give you the pep-in-your-step that you need.  

Blender Bottle– Now, we know that when you think of these bottles, you picture a totally jacked body builder with no neck, pounding down gallons of protein shakes after spending 5 hours doing dead-lifts. But this bottle though is great for smoothies, making a parfait (put yogurt, berries, and granola in one and mix it up–YUM), plain-old water, and yes, protein shakes. There are a lot of creative ways to use this bottle! 



Jackets– In these really bi-polar spring months, if you’re going to be exercising outside a jacket is an essential. Working out while being cold can do damage to your muscles, so it’s important to stay warm. We love Lululemon jackets and Athleta jackets, but we’re also huge suckers for more affordable items! Target has great workout clothes for really awesome prices, but they do sometimes tend to fall apart easily, while the more expensive items from Lululemon and more expensive brands may last longer.

Leggings- A good pair of leggings is an essential piece to every girl’s wardrobe! Under Armour has some awesome patterns, but sometimes are really, REALLY tight on the ankles. Nike and Lululemon also have some really awesome patterned leggings that do a great job keeping your legs warm and wiping away sweat (nothing is worse than being sweaty in the cold, am I right?).  Not to mention Nike and Lululemon are really cute, but also pretty pricey.

Sports Bras- Since every lovely lady is different, it’s hard to say which bra is best for you. Luckily, the ladies at Women’s Health seemed to have figured it out. If you’re wondering what sports bras to buy this site helps you find the right one! 

Sports Bra Tanktop- Not only are these shirts cute and stylish, but they also are a shirt and sports bra in one! Two for the price of one, who doesn’t love that?  

Stay happy, healthy, and stylish!

Madeline is a sophomore at Connecticut College and this is her second year doing Her Campus! She is an English major with a focus in creative writing, and she is from Rochester, New York. She loves fitness, quoting The Office, and spending time with her friends and family.
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