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The Importance of Internships

We’re probably already dreaming of white sandy beaches and clear ocean water as spring break quickly approaches, but for those of us who will be spending this generous break relaxing at home, it is the perfect time to dot our I’s cross our T’s. What does this mean exactly? It means taking advantage of your time away from school to think about how you can make the most out of your summer by thinking about a summer internship. Spring break is the perfect opportunity to schedule interviews for summer internships that you have applied to. Haven’t started applying yet? Then use this time to your advantage and get those applications out and start circulating those resumes!

Internships are a great way to “get your feet wet” in an industry that you are interested in learning about or pursuing in the future. Internships are much more than resume builders; (although that’s always a plus!) not only do they keep your brain active during the summer slump, but they also serve as a learning experience. You will leave an internship not only with a new set of skills tailored to the industry of your interest, but you will leave with a better sense of whether or not you could consider turning your 10 week summer experience into a career. Deb Brunetti, a career adviser in the office of Career Enhancing Life Skills (CELS) says that, “Internships can either verify students’ interests and direction or clarify what doesn’t really fit so they are able to adjust direction/expectations.” She adds, “Internships can be pivotal in providing students the opportunity to explore areas of interest in real world settings and to get a taste of what it’s like to work in a professional environment simulating a future career.” Internships build professionalism and discipline that are vital components that employers and recruiters are looking for.

Connecticut College puts a huge emphasis on, and praises, the CELS office for good reason. For career services and job placement, Connecticut College, has been ranked 11th by the Princeton Review. CELS advisors are trained to help you find internship opportunities, develop resumes and cover letters, as well as help you prepare for interviews. The CELS office provides our student body with the most easily accessible means for success, networking, and opportunities as long as you work put in the effot. Go to all of your seminars (which you can schedule through CamelLink), meet with your CELS advisor and get to know them, and use the networking resources available to you in order to obtain internships. The more experience you have the better you will look to future employers. Show them that you like to challenge yourself and step outside of your comfort zone by taking an internship unlike any other you have had before. Freshmen, you are not exempt from any of this: The earlier you start the more variety of skills your resume will reflect. There is a reason why CELS seminars are incorporated into the orientation schedule the first week you step on campus! There is no time like to present to start building the stepping stones to your career. Just think how much less stressful applying for jobs during senior fall will be knowing you have 2-3 years of professional experience under you belt! Having an internship will make you more marketable as a job applicant and can be an enjoyable opportunity to learn more about yourself. 

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Annie Clay

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Annie Clay is a junior at Connecticut College from Westchester, NY. She is majoring in Economics and enjoys reading the Wall Street Journal and watching re-runs of The Office. Annie loves starbucks coffee and going to spin class. 
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