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I Asked My Friends Who They Thought Was Going to Win The Bachelor S22

                                           The Bachelor Season 22: Arie Luyendyk Jr.

          Being a college student involved in many extra-circulars and taking six classes this semester, self-care becomes very important. Every Tuesday at 9:30 PM, my friends and I gather in our dorm’s common room to watch The Bachelor. Why not watch The Bachelor when it is live? Unfortunately, most of us have Monday night classes and we have to wait for literally the longest 24 hours. In addition, we have to avoid social media because of spoilers.

          The Bachelor has improved our friendships and has allowed us to bond more. Every Tuesday, our group gains a new member and my smile gets wider. This week, I decided to ask my friends who they thought will win The Bachelor and here are their responses:

Mary Sherwin, Class of 2021: 

“I pick Lauren because she has been engaged before and is mature enough to know what she wants out of life. I pick Becca K. because she was the first one on one and you don’t give red bottoms to just anyone. At the end, I think it will be close between Becca K. and Lauren but he’ll pick Becca K. “

Paula Torres, Class of 2020:

“I believe Tia will be chosen because they seemed to have a strong connection on their date. She opened up to him in a way that brought laughter, and emotion. Her southern roots seem to intrigue him.”


Christina Cruz, Class of 2020:

“I believe that Becca K. will win because she has all the qualities he claims to look for in a wife. He also took her out on the first one-on-one date and spoiled her in a way that sets her apart from the other contestants.” 

Ismael Mora, Class of 2021:


“I feel as Bekah M. and Tia are going to be the finalist, and he will choose Bekah M. but she will say no. That she feels like the age difference is not going to last. She will ultimately leave him crying.”

Antonio Villegas, Class of 2020:


“Kendall and Seinne in the finals but I think that ultimately he will pick Kendall as the winner.”


Hopefully one of our predictions come true. Until then, we are placing our bets and there is no going back.

Viangely Asencio

Conn Coll '20

A senior at Connecticut College from Miami. Triple majoring in Sociology, Government, and Italian Studies. Competitive eater and part-time pianist. Passionate about topics in race and ethnicity and The Simpsons.
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