How To Elevate Your Style Without Minimizing Comfort


I am infatuated with the idea of being stylish. Some days, a cute, dressy outfit is the perfect pick-me-up. Putting on a nice outfit in the morning sets the tone for my day because knowing that I look good increases my self-confidence and productivity. If I know I look polished, I’ll have a cheerier disposition, allowing me to be more productive and face my day head-on. However, there are some days where I’m just too tired or in too much of a rush to prioritize being fashionable. I just can not force myself to put together the puzzle pieces of an outfit, think too much about how well each article of clothing coordinates with one another, or to be detail-oriented enough to want to accessorize.

So, we face the age-old dilemma: style or comfort? Here are my favourite ways to do both:


Experiment with cuts

When in doubt, I love a solid top that can pair with nearly any pants or jacket. But sometimes tops like this can look to basic. My solution is to play around with fits. The fit of a shirt can change your entire look, for better or for worse. Recently, I’ve been into boxy, cropped sweaters and shrunken T-shirts. The shorter length allows me to play with higher-waisted pants, and the loose fit provides movement. Urban Outfitters has released their “Tee Family,” a line of T-shirts in different fits that are just as comfortable as a regular T-shirt, but still adds uniqueness. Forever 21 also boasts a wide array of cheap basics. Great for layering during the cooler months!



I find myself reaching arguably far too often for a pair of black leggings. For good reason too: leggings are comfortable, are almost always weather-appropriate, and go with everything. Rather than abandoning my leggings entirely, I’ve started to expand my collection beyond basic black. Everyone’s closet can benefit from some leggings with fun colors, cute cutouts, or geometric patterns. Leggings that come in shimmery, velveteen or faux-leather finishes are also great for dressing up but still maintaining that desired comfort. These types of pants are just as easy to build an outfit around but have a cool factor that plain black leggings just don’t have. Aerie, Old Navy (surprisingly) and Outdoor Voices have a wide variety of cute options.


Bomber Jackets and Windbreakers

Jackets like these are casual enough to pair well with activewear and help complete any sporty-cool outfit. Many come in bright hues and color-blocked patterns for a fun 80s vibe. Alternatively, jackets that come in neutral hues go with everything, so you can wear them anywhere and throw them on without thinking about it. I thrifted a knockoff Adidas black bomber jacket and I’ve worn it everywhere, from classes to concerts.

Oversized cardigans

On the days when all you want to do is throw on something cozy and head out the door, oversized cardigans are the way to go. This warm wardrobe staple feels like a hug and can just as easily be paired with skinny jeans and black booties as with leggings and slip-on sneakers. Oversized cardigans make even the simplest outfits look polished and put-together. Easily thrown over a plain t-shirt, oversized cardigans are functional, comfortable, and cute!



Yet another example of fashion history repeating itself; this 90s favorite has returned! Scrunchies add eye-catching color and detail to a simple ponytail. They’re a hairdo and a piece of jewelry in one.



Jewelry gives any outfit a more put-together feel. Even with the most casual of outfits, a

cute pair of earrings or a small necklace won’t look too fancy out-of-place if it’s a simple, understated piece. My go-to is hoop earrings; they’re delicate yet eye-catching, and very on-trend. Earrings in funky shapes, like hexagons, squares, or hearts, add even more interest. Hoop earrings are also easy to not splurge on; stores like Icing and Forever 21 have a wide variety of inexpensive pairs in various sizes, shapes, and colors, and, out of all the cheaper-quality jewelry, hoop earrings tend to be the sturdiest.


Simply tucking in your sweater and adding a statement belt makes a world of a difference without making you feel uncomfortable or restricted. I love my grommet belt; it’s edgy, adds detail to my outfit, yet goes with everything! I can throw it on without a second thought.