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Viangely Asencio ‘20

Major: Government, Italian Studies, Sociology

Pathway: Global Capitalism

 “I really liked the GOV 111: U.S Government and Politics course with Professor Borrelli. I always found the branches of government difficult to learn. Professor Borrelli made it so easy to comprehend. I feel like I learned more government in this course than in all of my K-12 schooling. This course offered the fundamentals that I needed to be confident when discussing politics. I highly recommend the course, more importantly, the professor.”

Hannah Sawyer ‘19

Major: Sociology

Minor: Human Development

 “My favorite class so far has been SOC 208: Race/Gender and the Mass Media with Professor Harris. This class was so interesting and really opened my eyes to the types of stereotypes and hegemony within media today (which is more prevalent now than ever before). Professor Harris is an amazing educator who expects a lot but forces you to perform to the best of your ability and absorb the information. One section of the course dissects all things Disney, which totally rocked my world– highlighting different stereotypical characters and toys. This course, regardless of major, is a total necessity!”

Kiara Rivera ‘21

Major: Theatre

“POWER & INEQUALITY!” Yes, this is a conn course. I have always been one that likes to observe. This course gave me the vocabulary to understand the issues that I have always seen happen in communities like mine. It is vital to have the tools in order to have efficient discussions with my peers, and this class gave me the tools to do so. Also, the readings are super fun!’ 

Piper Baine ’21

Major/Minor: Undeclared

 “The most interesting class I have taken so far at Connecticut College is the BOT 115 Conn Course: How Plants Feed the World. In this class, we had both a lecture and a lab section. During the lab section, we maintained and nurtured our own vegetable and flower gardens in the Greenhouse. We even took a class field trip to a local apple orchard, learned about the on-campus Sprout Garden, and hiked through the Arboretum! Especially since the Botany Department is celebrating its 100th anniversary, taking this class allowed me to experience an aspect of this exceptional department, which is specific to Connecticut College. This class utilizes many of the wonderful opportunities that makes Connecticut College’s experience unique, and leaves you in awe with the beauty of the natural world.”

Mary Sherwin ‘21

Major/Minor: Intended Sociology, possible Theater Minor

 “Technical Theater 110 is my favorite class at Conn so far because of Alison Andersen. She is such a supportive teacher and all of her assignments are more geared towards creativity and critical thinking instead of endless memorization. It’s a nice contrast from my sociology courses which can get pretty serious and tense. The class is two hours long but it’s totally worth taking if you have any interest in what happens backstage in the world of theater.”

Hana Kristensen ‘20

Major: International Relations Major

Minor: Sociology 

 “My favorite class was GOV 310: The Making of Democracies with Professor Hybel. The class focused on the history of democratic theory, looking into the impact of geography, distance from greater powers, structure of the elites, the presence of hierarchy and much much more. It was an eye-opening class that has allowed me to apply theories that I learned to other classes I have taken. In addition to being a great class, it was also a TRIP course. TRIP courses are something great we have at Conn, where the class goes on a field trip, often to a different country. In my class, we went to Warsaw and Krakow in Poland, after we had studied Poland as one of our cases. It was a great experience and a trip I will remember for the rest of my life. If you are able to find trip courses through your professors, definitely try to sign up for them, they are worth it!”

“My second favorite class I have taken so far at Conn is GOV 220 The European Union, it focused on the structure of the European Union, current issues facing the European Union and other perspectives on the success the European Union. Though it was an interesting topic, what really made this course my favorite was the professor, Daniela Melo. If you haven’t taken a class with professor Melo yet, you should. She is a great professor, makes the material interesting, is a fair grader, and is always excited to talk about anything regarding. Going to her office hours is truly interesting, I once spent an hour talking about the refugee crisis with her and her take on it. If you are a GOV/IR major, you should really consider taking a class with her, you will not regret it.”

Hanna Bobrowicz ’20

Major: History

Minor: theater

Pathway: Peace and Conflict

“World War I: Making of a Modern World with Professor Stock, was one of the many amazing courses I have taken during my freshman year! We analyze the cultural, technological and political impacts of World War I. We analyze propaganda posters, study the impact of PTSD and conduct exciting research projects on a topic of your choice. We also study the effect WW1 has had on how people react to war. We watch films like The Sound of Music, Testament of Youth and Oh What a Lovely War to gain perspective of how WW1 impacted the rest of the 20th century. Professor Stock is an incredible, kind and dynamic Professor who engages with the class. I strongly recommend taking this course if you are interested in politics, international relations, history, or cultural studies.”


Viangely Asencio

Conn Coll '20

A senior at Connecticut College from Miami. Triple majoring in Sociology, Government, and Italian Studies. Competitive eater and part-time pianist. Passionate about topics in race and ethnicity and The Simpsons.
Professional Oprah Enthusiast.  Otra Gordita Latina.  Xicana de Chicago.  I like to think my life is an NBC sitcom. Theatre and Anthropology Major with an English Minor.  Connecticut College Class of 2021.   
I am a sophomore at Connecticut College studying sociology in hopes of becoming a journalist/activist.
Hanna Katherine

Conn Coll '20

Hanna Bobrowicz is a graduate of Connecticut College, where she served as Campus Correspondent for Her Campus Conn. Following graduation Hanna returned to her native San Fransisco Bay Area and keeps up to date on the latest tech news. You can find her hiking, cooking and watching home renovation shows. 
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