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Ballyhoo! is a band originating from Maryland. Their genre is a fusion of rock, punk, pop, and reggae. The members of Ballyhoo! are Howi Spangler, Scott Vandrey, Nick Lucera, and Donald Spangler. In 2012, Ballyhoo! played in the Warped Tour. Some of their songs include “Walk Away,” “Cali Girl,” “Mixtape,” and “I Don’t Wanna Go.” Ballyhoo! has the perfect relaxing, beachy, yet rock band style that will be sure to enhance Floralia with their sought-after summer vibes.


Reese LaFlare

Reese LaFlare is an American rapper from Atlanta, Georgia. Some of his songs include “Wonderwall,” “Take it Personal,” “Rendevou,” and “No Stylist.” LaFlare has also collaborated with Ty Dolla $ign with the song “Big Mad.” LaFlare will mix in a flavor of hip hop and rap to make the Floralia lineup fresh and fly.


Manila Killa

Manila Killa is a DJ, and electronic artist originating from the Philippines. Manila Killa is one half of the duo Hotel Garuda. His genre ranges from trap to dance to pop to tropical house music. Therefore, his genres of dance music is quite varied. Some of his songs include “Everyday, Everyday,” “All that is Left,” and “Youth.” 


Coast Modern

Coast Modern is an American Indie Pop duo originating from Los Angeles, California. Combining a splash of modern hip hop and a dash of alternative pop, the duo consists of Luke Atlas and Coleman Trapp. With a summery, chill vibe, while also quite alternative and futuristic, Coast Modern will no doubt amp up the creativity and imagination of Floralia. Some of their songs are: “Hollow Life,” “Guru,” and “The Way It Was.”



Ayokay is a DJ/producer from Detroit who creates EDM music. He is most well-known for his collaboration with Quinn XCII. Some of his songs are: “Kings of Summer,” “The Shine,” and “Too Young.” Ayokay will bring electric, poppy melodies that will surround you with sharp bass drops and sweet acoustics. Ayokay will add to the sugary, pop spirit of Floralia.


Cozy Boys

The Cozy Boys are a DJ duo, touring for A$AP Mob. The prestige and popularity of where Cozy Boys have performed is noteworthy, as the Cozy Boys have performed at Coachella and Afropunk Festival. The duo is J. Scott (A$AP Snacks) and A$AP Lou. The Cozy Boys currently have their own radio show. You can also check out some of their sick mixes on SoundCloud.

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