The Different Vibes of Tempel Green

The Connecticut College campus is truly breathtaking. You can find the beauty at any moment - whether it is raining, snowing, or covered in ominous clouds, or thick and creamy fog. The aesthetic is transitory because of the temperamental, New England weather. It is a landscape where one can think creatively, and wander among their innermost thoughts. 



1. Bright, Sunny, and Smiling

There are plenty of days where you can see Tempel Green reflecting your own smile. These days you cherish dearly, as you take in the sunshine, and gaze over the vibrant greens and blues. Puffs of cotton clouds whisk across the sky and dab the skyline, attempting to keep it from dripping onto the brilliant landscape.



2. Hazy and Mystical

A foggy veil drapes over Tempel Green, with lacy clouds encircling the gray sky. A golden haze burns from the horizon, sending rays of light into the farthest corners of campus. The buildings are outlined in this brilliance, scattering the shadowy, fractal tree skeletons across the darkening grass.



3. Delicate and Enchanting

A golden tinged blush of powdery rose spreads across the thin line of sparkling water that cuts across the borders of campus. The soft colors seep into one another, creating a blended, buttery aesthetic. This bittersweet view melts away and leaves you staring out into the distance, watching the campus transition from daylight to dusk. Ultimately, this vibe produces a sense of awe and tranquility.



4. Dark, yet Enlightening

The cold winter snow crunches under your feet. As you look over Tempel Green from a distance, all you see is more snow, yet as you approach, you gradually see crisscrossing trails showered in sidewalk lamplight. The residence halls across the way glow from within, and the steely, cobalt sky blends into the darkness lingering above. Yet the golden beams of light outline the footprints, and guide you onward in your journey.



5. Passionate and Nostalgic

This vibe makes everything cease. Your sense of time evaporates, your eyes tracing the carefree colors. You forget who you are. You forget where you are going. You forget. This forgetfulness pulls you into a state of whimsical wonder. Your soul is fed with warm memories, and tinged with dark, somber ones. This mysterious concoction of memories and emotions eventually returns you to your happier, light thoughts, as you begin to exit your trance. You take a deep breath, and your eyelashes flutter, whispering breathy secrets to the cool summer air. Your identity returns as the sky burns into your heart. And then - you realize you have fallen in love with Connecticut College.