The Connecticut College Bucket List

We’ve heard it repeated over and over again: “your college years will go by so fast.” You may not have believed it freshmen year when you thought you couldn’t eat another meal at Harris or buy another neon outfit for a Cro dance, but when you realize that April is the last full month of college, you understand that every last moment should be cherished! All the girls at Her Campus helped compile a list of things we feel MUST be done before you grab that diploma!

Take a picture in every building.

Be confident and run the 3 mile campus loop (without feeling judged).

Learn something about the history of the school.

Go to the fitness center at 7:30 right when it opens.

Take a picture with a campus safety officer (or attempt to!).

Run through the sprinklers on the green (these are usually turned on late at night/early morning--- we’re not exactly sure when, but you’ll figure it out!).

Try a different cocktail-- we all know our signature drink for every pregame, but try something new!

Take a trip to Block Island or Mamacoke Island with your friends!

Get to know the new President.

Make a new friend each class.

Go to as many sports games as possible and cheer on the team!

Sleepover in the library.

Try a new restaurant in New London

Whether you’re studying or just hanging out-- pull an all nighter. 

Send mail to friends on campus through their campus boxes.

Get your picture in the CC magazine or on the CC website.

Write something for a school publication--like Her Campus--or send in an idea!

Make a crazy panini sandwich.

Wear a total Connecticut College outfit -- wear CC pants, a shirt, a sweatshirt, a jacket, a hat, a scarf, a water bottle, etc (a CC-edo)

Spend the night on Tempel green.

Go to the CELS office and figure out your future.

Have a picnic with friends in the arboretum once it warms up.

Explore Ocean Beach.

Play sardines or hide and seek in the Plex.


Visit every area on campus: North, Central, South, and across the road.

Eat lunch in Knowlton dining hall, even if you don't know a foreign language.

Make a camel waffle.

“Road trip” around the surrounding Connecticut towns --New London to Old Saybrook is only a 25 minute drive and has great beaches and restaurants!

Whether you have plans for after college or not, make up ridiculous lines to tell people when they ask what you’re doing after May 18th.

Take yourself or your friend out on a date.

We don’t have fishbowl anymore, but you can create your own event along those lines…..

Enjoy every moment.