Campus Cutie: Nicholas Fischetti

Check out this week’s Campus Cutie, Nicholas Fischetti!  Not only is this sophomore a talented musician, he is also an amazing athlete! Read his interview to see what makes this well-rounded cutie tick!

Graduation Year: 2016

Major: Environmental Studies

Minors: Linguistics and French 

Relationship Status: Too single

Extracurricular activities: I'm a decathlete on the track team, and I play bass guitar in two bands on campus: Robot Pirate Island, a metal band, and Montreal Protocol, a funk band.  

Hometown: Groton, MA 

What is your favorite part about running track?

I love how the sport is objective because it lets me measure my improvement, so I see the hard work pay off.  I like the decathlon because I like variety; I don't have to specialize in just one run, jump, or throw.  

What's your favorite meal in Harris?

I like getting ham and cheese omelets if I get to Harris in time after practice. They're delicious and they're a good way to get some protein.  Breakfast foods are the best.  

What are your summer plans?

I'm not sure yet (even though summer is days away), but I may tutor in French again as I did last summer.  

Favorite place on campus? 

There are so many chill spots on campus, but I especially like the Caroline Black Garden.  

What would your ideal date be?

Something low-key, maybe hanging out in the Arbo, watching a movie/documentary, going out to get something to eat, etc.  

Biggest turn-on?

Blue eyes and freckles

If you could meet anyone, who would it be?

I would want to meet Jaco Pastorius who reinvented the way electric bass guitar could be played.

How does it feel to be a Campus Cutie?

I'm very flattered! It made my day when I heard about it.