Campus Cutie: Lee Messier

Meet Lee Messier! Our Campus Cutie this week is a varsity basketball player who hopes to one day make it big in the entertainment business. Read on to learn about his pre-game rituals, favortie movie, and celebrity crush! 

Year: 2018
Dorm: Johnson
Major/Minor: Double major music and film, minor in sociology
Relationship status: Single
Fun fact: I am a triplet; both sisters were Miss Rhode Island
Any pets? 
A Malteese named Tinkerbell
Favorite color: Pale tangerine
Favorite movie: Her
Favorite song: "A Million Times" by Summer Heart
Extracurriculars: Basketball and running for class president
Pregame rituals: Listen to music, make sure to wear boxer briefs instead of regular boxers
How long have you been playing basketball? What are some of your goals?
 Since 5th grade. My goal is to make the NCAA tournament.
Favorite/least favorite thing about playing basketball for Conn?
Least favorite is playing and practicing in the morning, around 7:30. Favorite is that I get to play with friends who I knew before I came to Conn. 
Favorite basketball player/team?
Florida State, my friend plays there.
Dream job?
Ideally I’d want to become the CEO of an entertainment company with film makers and graphic desigeners. 
Celebrity crush?
Zoey Deschanel 
How do you feel about being Campus Cutie?
Honored and proud. Blessed. Thank you.